Tried & True Chinese

I'm a fan of Asian cuisine so I wanted to include some of my favorite Chinese dishes in our Chinese New Year dinner. These recipes are tried and true and you can view the recipes in the links below. The pictures of these dishes are from the Chinese New Year dinner we hosted and the best part is that nothing is left so they were all a hit!


  1. These look amazing, Joelen! Definately on my list to try (I have an ADDICTION to crab rangoons...if I can make them at home I'm not sure what will happen! lol)

  2. There's something about egg rolls that scream out comfort food to me :) Can't wait to make these! Oh, and I made the lumpia you posted about earlier and it was sooo good I didn't have a chance to get one picture. I'll be making them soon for sure!

  3. Ugh... those egg rolls look delicious!!!