Watch Out, Here It Comes!

I've been anticipating this day all week since there are some great things to giveaway! First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my 1000th blog post. I loved reading your well wishes and more importantly, your feedback on what you'd like to see in my next 1000 blog posts. I received a lot of great suggestions:
Ashley said... Maybe give-a-ways that are diverse like your food, a tapas platter? ~ Stay tuned! There are a lot of fun giveaways ahead and I hope to offer Foodie Freebies Fridays that are not only useful but offer something different and interesting with a story behind them!
Kristin said... I'd love to see more wine pairing suggestions and wine recommendations. ~ I plan on providing more tasting notes and food pairing information with my monthly Wine & Dine events I host each month. Hopefully this will help those with an interest in wines to learn something new.
ogracefulone said... I'd love to see more ethnic recipes and book/chef reviews!~ My monthly Chef Spotlight events will continue to highlight a specific chef or group of chefs and I'll try to incorporate a review of related cookbooks as well!
Jared said... I'd like to continue seeing the asian foods on your blog. ~ I actually started teaching a monthly cooking series (called My Filipino Kitchen) dedicated to Filipino cuisine since it's not represented very well here in Chicago. I didn't blog about my January class since I didn't think readers would be interested, but given the feedback I received, I will definitely include my future class teachings in my blog!
madebymel said... One thing you could maybe do is a post about how you pull of all of your events! I am in awe of how you do it all... ~ For almost 2 years, I've been in a 'zone' of doing events but I'll definitely include some more information on how I plan, prepare and execute them so others can recreate my adventures themselves.
Katie said... I'd like to see more of Chicago on your blog. It's one of my fave cities, and I don't get to see it very often! ~ Once the weather gets warmer, I'll be back doing neighborhood food tours around the city of Chicago. So stick around because you'll definitely see more of Chicago in the eyes of a local and not a tourist!
*crinkle* said... maybe once a month or once a quarter have a poll for readers to choose something for you to make. ~ I'd love to get culinary adventure ideas & input from readers! There are so many culinary adventures I could spend a day doing that I end up undecided and the adventure gets put off indefinitely. With your suggestion of polls, I can be held accountable to do an adventure and share the experience!
Thank you all again for your comments and I hope you continue to join in my next 1000 posts of culinary adventures. But of course, it's time to get down to business. I've got a Lodge Color Enameled Cast Iron 6-quart Dutch Oven ready to be mailed and shipped to a lucky reader! So without further adieu, the winner of my 1000th blog post giveaway is...

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Comment #60 comes from MrsSisler who said...
Congrats Joelen!! 1000 posts!?! I love your blog, especially all of the great ideas I get from it. I love the get togethers you host. I am trying to entertain more. January 19, 2009 9:56 AM
Congratulations Mrs. Sisler! I hope you enjoy your brand new Lodge Color Enameled Cast Iron 6-quart Dutch Oven and get a lot of use with it making delicious dishes throughout the year! What color are you going to get?! I'll be sending you an email to confirm your mailing address in which your new dutch oven will be sent to. For those that didn't win, hang tight while another winner is announced for today's Foodie Freebie Friday!

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  1. Just wanted to congrat you on your 1000 posts, I'm looking forward to seeing the next 1000! : ) (sorry I didn't comment before, I already have a dutch oven : )