Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cuban Dinner Menu for Rockstars

This coming Friday night (eek - tomorrow!), my husband's long time childhood friends are coming over for dinner. They have known each other since their early teen years through the church they attended. Back then, they played in the church band together. Over 15 years later, my husband and his friends have recently reunited and they started getting together every week to have jam sessions like the "good old days."

My husband plays the drums (yep - I married a drummer!) while the others switch off playing guitar, bass and doing vocals. It's fun hearing them play covers and they're actually really good! This week instead of their usual jam session, we've invited them over for dinner. I feel the need to impress since my husband has talked me and my cooking skills up... the pressure! While determining what to serve, I decided on a Cuban inspired menu. Here's what I have planned and stay tuned for the rest of the recipes and pics of tomorrow's dinner!

tortilla chips
pico de gallo
pineapple salsa cream cheese dip


shrimp & mango skewers

whole baked Cuban style tilapia


arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas)

spicy black & white beans

mandarin orange & roasted beet spinach salad


guava sour cream pound cake

strawberry banana ice cream