February 2009 Blogging Events!

Can you believe it's already February?! To kick off the month, here's a rundown of the blogging events I'm hosting. If you haven't participated in a blogging event, hopefully you'll consider it this month! Blogging events expose your blog to more readers and increase the traffic to your blog... what blogger wouldn't want that?!

All blogging events are reflected on my blog's left sidebar and you're welcome to submit current and past recipes that fit the theme. Here are the themes and recipes we're highlighting this month...

Each month my group of friends and I get together and prepare a potluck of dishes from a specific chef or group of chefs. This month, in celebration of African American month, we're paying tribute to African American chefs. Any recipes made from African American chefs are welcomed for this blogging adventure. Blogging event details can be found HERE.

Learning about food and drink is something my friends and I enjoy. Each month we come together in my 'Wine & Dine' events to learn about a specific wine or liquor and pair it with a specific cuisine. In honor of Carnivale, we're highlighting Brazilian food & drink in February. Blogging event details can be found HERE.

Every month, friends and I get together to watch a food related movie over a potluck of dishes inspired by the storyline. For February, it's only fitting that we're watching the movie Chocolat since it is the month of Chocolate! For the blogging event, we're highlighting recipes made with chocolate. Blogging event details can be found HERE.

One kitchen tool that many cannot live without is a food processor. This month we're highlighting all recipes requiring the use of a food processor so if you use this month's tasty tool, submit it to the event! Blogging event details can be found HERE.

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