Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Floating Islands with Chocolate & Strawberries

This week's Tuesdays with Dorie baking challenge was her Floating Islands recipe. This recipe involves making a creme anglaise and poaching meringues. To serve, the creme anglaise is plated with the delicate poached meringe floating on top. It's an elegant dish and the presentation itself is quite stunning.

I had no trouble at all with this recipe and I loved how nicely it paired with chocolate flourless cake and berries. For my presentation, I plated the creme anglaise in a shallow ramekin with a floral cut out of chocolate flourless cake in the center. I then sprinkled sliced strawberries around the edge for color.

The recipe called for the meringues to poach in milk, of which I used vanilla soy milk as my only substitute. It gave a very subtle hint of vanilla which was wonderful. I topped my cake with the meringue, added another smaller floral cut out of chocolate flourless cake on top of the meringue, drizzled the dish with a raspberry coulis and garnished with mint.

A lot of compliments came from the table when I served this dessert and it was nice blend of flavors! For the recipe, check out Shari 's blog, Whisk: a food blog and don't forget to check out how the other TWD bakers' versions of the recipe!