Foodie Freebie Friday: BIA Cordon Bleu

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed some culinary adventures of your own. As for me, it was busy to say the least. With a large dinner party we hosted Saturday, a cooking class I taught Sunday and with packing where I can, I'm completely drained. It's also finally hit me that we only have a few more weeks in our current home... which makes me a bit sad.

This is what our living room looks like after we sold our leather living room set and tv over the weekend...

And here is our dining room which will soon be sold (hopefully) in the next couple of weeks...

But some of my prized possessions which will not be for sale includes my serving and dinnerware. These have been staples when I entertain and I actually have more serving-, dinner-, kitchenware that I do clothes, shoes and accessories combined. I think close to half of what we're packing up and taking with us is cooking/baking related!

Entertaining is definitely something I cannot live without and with that comes the need of good, classic pieces of servingware. I prefer all white serving pieces because food placed on them have a nice, clean presentation. I also have these cranberry colored set (cranberry red is my fave color). I've found this set helps accentuate food that tends to look washed out or bland against all white servingware and also adds some festive color to the table.

For this week's Foodie Freebie Friday, I wanted to help readers build on their servingware pieces. I've chosen these particular white servingware pieces which are all by BIA Cordon Bleu.
Established in 1952, BIA Cordon Bleu is a leading manufacturer of porcelain and stoneware serving accessories, bakeware and dinnerware. Founded by a French engineer, Monsieur Jean Mouraille would make frequent trips to France to visit factories in search of the best French ovenproof porcelain. Today BIA manufactures and distributes a complete line of porcelain cookware and bakeware, serveware, and dinnerware, all with contemporary shapes, unique glazes, and classic decorations.

BIA porcelain and stoneware has been a cornerstone of the kitchenware industry for decades. Equally apropos in restaurants as at home, our collection includes brilliant white platters, a perfect backdrop for colorful meals from tapas to roast turkey. Staples like souffle and quiche dishes come in varying sizes and sets. And, classic casseroles blend well with existing tableware. BIA also makes specialty appetizer dishes that are often hard to find. Timeless pieces, contemporary flair and lasting's all here. -- Food Network

The Lion Head Soup Bowl set (set of 4) have a 16-oz. capacity and can be used under the broiler. This makes them perfect for French Onion Soup.

Once you've begun using these Oval Quiche bowls dishes (set of 6), you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn how very versatile they are. Not only can you bake in them, you can also use them for serving (the white porcelain blends in well with your other dishes). And for cleaning, they go right into your dishwasher. The set of 6 lets you make individual portions for everyone at the table.

Once you've begun using this Au Gratin dish (set of 2), you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn how very versatile it is. The oval dish measures holds 24-oz., great for casseroles, rice dishes, vegetable sides, cobblers and roasted chicken, too.

So this week's Foodie Freebie Friday, a lucky reader will be receiving their choice of one of the above BIA Cordon Bleu serving pieces! Interested? Read on!

Some guidelines:
- Giveaway is only for those who live in the United States. My apologies to my international readers!
- You must have a valid email address so that you can be contacted if you win.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment about:
- If you could host a dinner party for any four people (dead or alive), who would you invite and what would you serve?

Deadline: Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 12 midnight CST.

One Winner will be randomly chosen by Random.Org's Interger Generator based on the number of your comment and will be announced on Friday, March 13, 2009. Good luck!


  1. Holy Moly lady! You have an impressive collection. The four people I would like to host a dinner for would me my mom, dad, brother and myself. I know that doesn't sound exciting, but my parents divorced when I was 15 so I never will get the chance to host a nice dinner for all of us. As for what I would serve...homemade mac n cheese, fried shrimp, steaks and a salad. Just some good ole comfort food.

  2. Hmmm...good question!

    I would invite Jim Morrison, Freddy Mercury, John Lennon & Willie Nelson. Just because I think the conversation would be fabulous! LOL

    I would serve a large salad, some kind of grilled chicken, shrimp & pasta dish, veggies for sides and lots of beer! :)

  3. Wow, what an impressive collection & such a great way to display them!

    My four people would be my grandparents -- I would be meeting them from my dad's side for the 1st time (both passed away before I was born) & I was really close to my mom's parents & miss them a lot. I would serve comfort food -- homemade biscuits, chicken & dumplings, and lots of vegetables from the garden. With a cherry cobbler for dessert.


    Renee at

  4. Great Question! I'd invite my husband, mom, dad and Jane Austen! haha! My family for obvious reasons and I absolutely love Jane Austen and would love to cook for her and hear her stories. I'd probably serve my all time favorite meal: Caesar salad, Escargots en Croute, Beef Wellington and Bete Noir with raspberry coulis for dessert.

  5. I would host a dinner party for my family. They mean the world to me and I think they would be proud of what I've accomplished in the kitchen.

  6. Hmm, let's see. I think I would invite Joan Sutherland (my favorite opera singer), Julie Andrews, Elvis and Harry Connick Jr. Dinner might be a little difficult because I've got sort of a weird line up of people/tastes! Maybe a big pot of gumbo, dirty rice and a cheesecake for dessert....haha -strange menu!


  7. Hmmm... I would invite my great grandmother, grandmother and husband's grandparents (all four of whom have passed) for my party. I've never met my husband's grandparents and don't remember my great grandmother, so this would be a great chance to connect with them. I'd serve some homemade wontons, Chinese rice patties and finish off with an American dessert!

    -Eva (evitawylie at hotmail dot com)

  8. I love your kitchen collection! I'm still trying to find my dish set. To answer your question is easy, my husband, and our fave double date couple, his best friend/best man Adrian & his girlfriend, Monica. I couldn't imagine eating a great dinner without them, they have the same love for good food like us!!

  9. What a great question!

    My dinner guests would include Kurt Vonnegut, Barack Obama, Cary Grant and Louis Armstrong. Wow! Imagine the wonderful conversations we could have - literature, politics, movies and music!

    I would probably cook a very simple but delicious roasted chicken with roasted vegetables, stuffing and homemade gravy. Nothing says "sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself" quite like a perfectly roasted chicken.

  10. This is the best give away yet! I would invite my dh, my grandmother (she has passed away but also LOVED cooking), my grandpa (who also passed away) and my mom (who so misses her parents. I would serve something italian as that is my heratage and my grandpas favorite food!

  11. That's a gorgeous collection!

    I would invite Bobby Flay, Emeril, Giada, and Ty Pennington. They are all my favorite people! I absolutely love Bobby, and I've had a crush on him since I can remember. I've watched Emeril since he was on "How to Boil Water." And Giada just seems super classy without being stuffy. I would love to learn from them.

    Ty, I would invite just for some lively dinner conversation. LOL!

  12. I have been trying to build my serving dishes up, we got quite a bit from our registry. The answer to your question would be my parents and my husbands parents. We are TTC, and my idea to surprise them when we get prego is to host a dinner and tell them all the big news together. Hope it happens soon!

  13. Fun stuff!! I would love to host a party for my sister and her boyfriend, plus my husband and I of course. Now that she's moved to the city I'm trying to introduce them to "grown up" things. I'd pick a menu with great wine pairings - from appetizers to dessert, and some sort of filet and fish combo.

  14. Man, you have an amazing collection of serving pieces. My four dinner guests would be my husband, my son, and my grandparents. My grandma passed away long before I met my husband and my grandpa is too old to travel. I wish they could know my husband and 2 year old son.

  15. I would host my dad's parents and my mother's father whom I never got to meet, along with my grandmother. I would serve a dinner korean style, not specifically korean cuisine, but multiple veggies, proteins, etc. Including, sashimi of various sorts, grilled marinated korean short ribs, perfectly roasted chicken thighs and legs, asparagus, korean banchan, rice, coleslaw, and korean chapchae!

    Ending it with various cuts melons, pineapples, and berries!

    I'm drooling now!

  16. My four is really REALLY hard, but I'd want first my mother in law, who passed away in November. Feeding her always gave me comfort, because while I couldn't do anything about her cancer, I could still fill her stomach and make her sigh with pleasure at a simple food that she could actually taste.
    My second would be M.F.K. Fisher. She writes so beautifully about food itself, and especially feeding others.
    The third person I'd invite would be Wendell Barry. He writes on food, nature, and economics (in the real sense of households) These two would make for pretty amazing dinner conversation!
    Finally I think I'd invite Barbara Kingsolver. She is also a writer, and lived a year eating almost entirely locally, mostly from things she grew herself. I want to learn from her how she made the transition from normal urban life to the crazy farm life I crave!
    WOW! Thanks for the great question! I know I'll never have this party, but playing the conversations out in my mind are enjoyment enough! :)

  17. I would host a dinner party for all my deceased grandparents whom I never got to meet (2 on each side). I would serve my Grandma Helen's legendary refrigerator rolls to see how close they are to the real thing along with homemade pasta and meatballs.

  18. I would invite my bestest friends, MarySue, Katrina, and Laura and I supposed I'd "let" my husband come too!
    I would serve chips with home made pico de gallo and guacamole, followed by fish tacos with rice and beans. For dessert we would have strawberry shortcake AND chocolate mousse.

  19. I would invite: My grandpa, Kate Winslet, My husband and finally Julia Child. I'd cook all of my favorites, no matter how random the meal would be. Veggie Lasagna Rolls, Corn Bread, Cucumber Sandwiches, Peach Tea, Ice Cream Cake for Dessert and a salad with poppy seed dressing -- wierd combos!

  20. Though question. And I'm not so exciting. I'd host a dinner with my two best friends who live on the other side of the country who I don't get to see nearly enough, and my husband. I know this seems like a major waste of an amazing hypothetical opportunity, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather eat with.

    I'd fire up the grill and make grilled caesar salads, and veggies, steaks and chicken paillard. Fresh fruit on the grill for dessert.

    I'm having lust for summer grilling right now.

  21. I wants wants wants those quiche bowls. Oh, and the three tiered servers on top of your shelf, those would be nice too!

  22. Oh these serving pieces are so gorgeous!! I love those soup bowls!!

    Now for my Dinner Party..
    There is Nothing more important than family!!!
    My Precious Parents have passed away.. my dad almost 9 years ago, and my mom 2 years ago.. and Ohhh to see them again... would be SHEER JOY!
    I would have my Hubby's Mom and his Nanna too they are in Heaven also!

    What would I serve??.. I think at a Dinner like that... ANYTHING would be Delicious because we would be eating with the ones we love and enjoying the company of the people we love the most.. I hate to say the food is secondary to the company but in this instance it would be!
    [email protected]om

    Great Thought provoker!!!! A+ for you!!!!

  23. geezluiz you picked a difficult question!

    I'll be boring and safe as not to embarass myself with my real answers and say my hubby, my brother and my parents.

    I'd serve deep dish pizza because my brother and hubz LOVE the stuff, my dad eats anything, and my mom is impossible to please when it comes to food (apparently she can ALWAYS do a better job herself). That way, at least 2 of the 4 are happy :P

  24. Wow that's a tough question. I'd def pick my BF who lives in the midwest. We don't see her much since moving to Boston. And my 2 sisters. Cause I love them to death. Not sure who the last person would be. Me, if you consider that would make a party of 4. As far as what I'd make. I'd try to make at least one thing that is a favorite of my lovely guests. Or we'd all cook/bake together all day and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

  25. Wow. I am jealous of all that great servingware.

    This is a really difficult question! I really like it when my whole extended family is together (my parents, sibling, ILs and BIL, my neice, etc). So I would make dinner for all of them. I would roast a chicken and serve it with sauteed green beans, roasted potatoes and carrots sprinkled with the Pampered Chef rosemary blend (one of my favs!) and for dessert a red velvet cake. Yum yum!

    I really appreciate your generosity and love reading your blog. I am in awe of all these events you host!


  26. OOoooh....::drool:: I totally need to ramp up my serveware collection. I hate to say it, but it's pretty sparse.

    I would invite Barack Obama, Dr. Robert Seufert (one of my fave college professors), and my two besties (in L.A. and Orlando) who I don't see often enough. It'd be fun times!

    I'd serve something super easy that sounded really fancy, like my lemon-garlic chicken or a beef bourguignonne. AND there would be plenty of wine.

  27. Your collection is lovely! If I lived near you, I would so take dining room table off your hands.

    Tough question..

    I would invite my husband's father who I've never met, my husband, my grandmother who died when I was 11, and Chipper Jones.

  28. Hmmm, probably Malcolm Gladwell (writer), Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, and Queen Victoria. Kind of an odd group, but I would love to hear the interactions.

  29. Oh I would have to say my husband ofcourse. And Kenny Chesney my alltime crush, then I would let DH invite someone he wants.

  30. I would invite all four of my grandparents (I am so lucky that they are all still alive and this is actually possible and has been done!). I would probably have them for brunch--so cinnamon rolls, an egg dish, hot chocolate, fruit--simple stuff because that's what they like! Then we could spend the whole day together!

  31. You have an incredible collection! I love serving ware - I have a pretty random collection, but like you I like white plates.

    I would have to invite 5: Julia Child and her husband Paul Child (just read her memoir about their life in France), my father and John Cheever. My dad was a foodie who died when I was nine and he also taught me a love of reading that I've carried my whole life (that's why I'd invite John Cheever).

    I'd serve whatever Julia would help me cook!

  32. You have a wonderful collection of dishes. I know that you're an avid fan of crate & barrel just like myself.
    I would love to have my great grandmother & great grandfather as my guests so they could see just how far my cooking skills have come (my great grandmother heavily influenced my interest in food because she was so talented and hands-on). The other two guests: Hemingway and Fitzgerald (I would love to tap their brain). What would I serve? My famous steak bearnaise with crispy thin sweet potatoe fries.

  33. You are going to have to remind me where you are going. I think I missed something....

    Really tough question. I think I would invite some of my favorite chefs--Ina Garten since she always throws the best parties, Giada because she seems so nice, Paula Deen because I think she'd make everyone laugh and Tyler Florence--because he's cute. Then I would make everyone work together in the kitchen to make a fabulous meal!

  34. well there are a ton of famous people i would love to have dinner with, but ultimately i would love to have dinner with my mom's mom who passed away when i was one. i have no memory of her, but my older cousins talk so VERY HIGHLY of her that i have always dreamt of meeting her..having dinner with her would be a dream come true..esp since i hear she was an amazing cook and soo interesting...what dinner that would be..
    but if the person had to be famous i would pick tom brady since he is sooo dreamy to look at...LOL..

  35. Wow! What an amazing collection!
    There are a lot of famous people that I would love to have in my home, but I actually would have to pick my parents, brother, best friend & her hubby to come over. They all live in far away states & I hardly ever get to see them! :-( Of course any other close friends/family that live closeby would have to be invited as well!
    Planning a menu would be hard because we all love good food -- but we'd probably grill out w/ steak, chicken & shrimp & have great sides like homemade mac-n-cheese, potato salad & grilled corn on the cob. For dessert it would have to be something completely decadent & chocolate -- probably miniature molton lava cakes garnished with fresh berries & mint.

  36. I would host my maternal and paternal grandparents. My grandmothers are, thankfully, around but both of my grandfathers are deceased and it would be so nice to spend the evening with them again. I miss them and I know my grandmothers' miss their husbands, too. I would serve beans, rice, carnitas and take a stab at my grandma's homemade tortillas. And for dessert I'd run out to McDonalds for caramel and chocolate sundaes - my grandpa's favorite!

  37. The four people I would invite to my dinner party, would be John Wayne(I'm a huge fan)my dad, mom and my best friend Carolyn.

    I'm not too sure about the main course, but there'd definitely be banana pudding for dessert.

  38. If I had to keep the number to 4, I would have to say my maternal grandfather (who I never got a chance to meet), my maternal grandmother (who passed when I was 8), DH's maternal grandfather (who I never got a chance to meet) and my husband.

    I can only imagine the conversations we would have.

    I guess I would serve lots of comfort food (pot roast, roated chicken, fingerling potatoes, carrots, ceasar salad and a creamy cheesecake and a chocolate flourless torte for dessert.

  39. If i were to serve 4 people i'd pick 4 of my best girlfriends and have a girls night in. We are all scattered around the map so one night with all of us together would be great.
    For that night i'd serve a bunch of appetizers. Chips and dip, sliders, veggie tray, fruit to dip into some chocolate, crab dip the list goes on lol And of course some nice wine and drinks

  40. I'd invite my four grandparents, since only two were alive when I was born, and I'd serve them some of the family favorites that I've always loved, because many of those recipes were passed down from them.

  41. Wow! You have such an impressive collection of serving pieces! I would probably invite my husband (of course) and three of my good friends from college that I never get to see! I would serve chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce and fiesta rice - my favorite meal!

  42. I am assuming my husband would be there to help host, so I would invite:

    My mother-in-law, who passed away a few months before our wedding. I was not at all domestic then, and I would love to show her how well I am taking care of her son (although, I am sure she knows).

    My best friend, who is living in South Korea right now. He has been there for six months and will be there for another six. He loves reading my food blog, and I recently mailed him some cookies. He would go crazy over a dinner party.

    My great-grandmother, who passed away when I was thirteen. She had a very strong hand in raising me and was a fantastic woman.


    One of my husband's co-workers. They play basketball together on the weekends, and he is a fantastically sweet man, but I am a little sad for him because he is also fantastically lonely. I have been trying to convince my husband to invite him for dinner, but my husband says it would be weird given their relationship. :(

    What would I serve? I would probably host a summer barbecue and serve hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw. All of the staples of a summer cookout.

  43. Great question and something fun to think about!

    As a Francophile, French teacher and lover of French cuisine, I would invite Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, Patrick Modiano, and Albert Memmi. I think it would be a lively, stimulating dinner with my four favorite authors/poets. I'd serve my favorite dish - raclette. It's a fun, interactive meal that conjures up funny and exciting conversations! mmmm fromage!

  44. I would host 4 of my friends that love food just as much as I do! I would want us all to spend the day cooking together, and I'd want to try something from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking because I'm scared to try it on my own :)

  45. Four people? Well.. I should probably include my husband, my friend Cassie because I never get to see her, Joelen because I've not yet gotten to meet her, oh.. and Matthew McCaunhnehey

    And what to serve? Well I hear Matt is a big fan of beef... so probably something beefy and something with butternut squash, because everything is better with butternut squash!

  46. I would definitely invite my maternal grandparents and my husband's paternal grandparents, as they all passed when we were young. It would be a good southern meal!

  47. I'm so jealous of your pampered chef collection. I've wanted the appetizer set for the longest time...and you have 2!

    I would invite my great grandmother who I'm named after but never met, my grandfather who passed away 4 months after I was born, Eleanor Roosevelt, and my mom. I'd serve something simple yet elegant...roast chicken, veggies and end with a fabulous dessert.

  48. wow that's a big question! I think I'd like to invite our most recent two presidents and our first two presidents to see how things have changed since the start.

  49. I would host a dinner party for my mom, dad, brother, & grandpa. My parents and brother for obvious reasons; they are my everything. My grandpa passed away over 10 years ago and I loved him dearly. I would give anything to have him back for just one day.

    I would serve a good ole Italian meal. Start off with an antipasto platter, minestrone soup, garlic bread, baked lasagna & tiramisu for dessert.

  50. Ooh great question! Let's see... my four people would be my mom who's been gone 16 years now, my husband, and my Grandma and Grandpa. I would serve chicken and dumplings and cornbread!

  51. I would invite my Mom & Dad (they passed away 26 years ago), and my kids, because they never met my parents. I would serve spaghetti with meatballs, braciole, and popat, which my mom taught me to make.

  52. so jealous in a good way of your collection! mine needs lots of help...

    i would have my brother, sister in law and nephew, they live in another state and i miss them so much. i would serve shrimp ceviche and shrimp "al mojo de ajo" translates as garlic shrimp. i would also make cucumber ice cream for a refreshing dessert.

    love your blog soooo much!

  53. I would host it for my mom, dad and their siblings. They've grown up eating on Cambodian food and I love serving up something new like Italian that they can experience.

  54. This is fun. I would include Julia Child, Craig Claibourne, Pierre Franey and Morrison Wood. These people had wonderful cookbooks when I was starting to cook and I learned everything I know from them.
    Your collection of white wear is to die for.

  55. I would love to invite our current president Obama and his family. I'd love to serve grilled chicken, fruit Salad, potato salad and deviled eggs. This is my sons favorite casual meal as I'm sure that the first daughters would love it too!

  56. I would invite Jim Henson, Walt Disney, my mom and my maternal grandmother. I would probably grill (options! steak and/or chicken and seasoned potatoes) Low key, comfortable, versatile.

  57. First, I'm SO jealous of your collection! It's gorgeous!

    I'd want to invite my dad, my great-grandma, my sister and Ina Garten - course, that might be an awkward dinner - and I'd probably serve some kind of cajun dish (for my dad), a Hawaiian dish (for my sister), panzanella (my fav. Ina dish) and I'd try to make my great-grandma's famous prune tarts for dessert. :)

  58. It took no time to decide -- I would invite my parents, who both passed away years ago, and my husband and daughter, as my parents never met either one of them. I would fix one of my mom's favorite meals -- a New England boiled dinner and my Dad's favorite dessert - apple pie. It made me smile that I could remember that. Great question you posed. Jane

  59. It is always sad to me when I move, even when I am excited to go to the new place.

    4 people
    My paternal grandmother (she died in childbirth), Wayne Gretzky, Steven Colbert and author Jen Lancaster.

    Baked Brie with Candied Walnuts and Caramelized Onions

    Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Brandy Cream Sauce & Roasted Truffled Fingerling Potatoes

    Lime Semifreddo and Butter Cookies

  60. When I read your comment instructions I thought it would be hard for me to come up with this, but then it came so easily.

    I would invite my great-grandmother who died when I was 18; my husband's maternal grandparents who died when he was in middle school whom I have never met; and my husband.

    I'd serve something simple but filling. Probably like a pasta bar because my husband loves pasta so much. I'd make a few different kinds of pasta (spaghetti, penne, rigatoni, etc) and then some different sauces (marinara, meat sauce, pesto, alfredo). Homemade garlic bread and some good wine. For dessert, something very choclatey as we all love chocolate.

    [Note: My husband will be unhappy if I win this! We already don't have enough room for our dishes now! I'm addicted]

  61. Ooo Fun question!
    Ok - Me, My Husband, Jamie Oliver & my brother greg.

    My husband and i are HUGE Jamie Oliver fans - I want him to come help us pick ingredients, and all four of us love to cook and shop so I think we'd have a great time doing the shopping for organic foods, using what my husband and brother grow in their gardens, and making real, wholesome foods together and noshing!

    I'd love to see roasted veggies, a nice salad that he makes, I'd love to make some risotto or polenta for roasted veggies and seafoods, and a nice rustic fruit dessert.

  62. I would invite my dad, my grandma, my great grandma and my grandpa. I would make the biggest bowl of spaghetti and meatballs since it's what they all loved.

    I would also make tons of Italian cookies so they would know they taught me well.

  63. I would invite my grandmother, grandfather, uncle, and daughter, and I would make my famous spaghetti sauce and meatballs.

  64. Wow, good question. I think for sure President Obama because he rocks. I would also love to have Tori AMos and Stevie Nicks since they are my favorite singers and probably Harper Lee because To Kill A mockingbird is my favorite book and I would love to hear where this fabulous story came from.

  65. I would gladly have my Mom back for just one more dinner (she passed away on 2007), Queen Esther (biblical character) because I so admire her wisdom, Michael Jackson (because I'm just intrigued by him) and my hubby coz he just has to be with me... and I'll cook for them all typical Filipino fiesta dishes complete with an entire roasted pig! Lol!

  66. Oooo...what a thought provoking question! Gosh...there's so many people that I would want! But hands down it would be for me, my husband, my mom and my dad (who passed away when I was 14). I would love for him to meet my husband and would love for my mom to have one more evening with him.

    I would serve steak, lobster, & Caesar salad. My dad would love it. :)

  67. I'd want to host a party with my husband and my parents. and I'd love to serve some lobster. yum!

  68. I am so jealous of your serving dish collection! For a fun girl night, I would choose Rachel Ray, Kristen Chenoweth, Audrey Hepburn, and Ingrid Bergman. Odd mix, I know. I would serve a spinach salad, classic cheese fondu with tons blanched veggies, and french bread and chocolate fondue with ripe berries for dessert (can you tell I love my electric fondu pot? And that I have very few serving dishes?)

  69. Great collection. Best to serve for chicken curry, salad and fish curry.

  70. I would invite my husband, my mom and dad and Jesus...some might find my answer a bit weird but I have a lot of questions! As far as what I'd serve, I think we'd have herb grilled salmon, fresh homemade bread, fresh veggie and fruit salad, asparagus and a yummy dessert!

  71. Oye, my husband my late-grandmothers, and my late-uncle.
    In terms of what to serve, it would probably be simple and stress free, so that I could spend time with them.

  72. I totally would have bought your dining room set if I lived closer!!

    My dinner party would be for all 4 grandparents. Sadly, only my Zadie (grandfather) is still alive. I would want them to know all about how I've grown and what our life is like. I would serve a traditional Shabbat dinner of roast chicken, steamed veggies, rice pilaf, homemade challah and rugelach for dessert. They would definitely appreciate this.

  73. Wow that is a lot of dishes! I think if I were to have a dinner party for four it would be my grandmother who died. I don't know how I would choose the other three since we all miss her so much! I guess I would pick my mom and my sister and my grandpa. I would serve doughnuts and cookies and french toast and pancakes--all grandma's favorites.

  74. Dinner for four-I would invite Jacqueline Kennedy-for her poise and love of books. Cleopatra-the tales she would have to tell. My husband and my best friend Charlie-life is about sharing.

    Oysters on the half shell, clam chowder, pecan encrusted chilean sea bass with baby carrots and orzo and lemon cake. with earl grey tea of course.

    although afternoon tea would be fun.

    [email protected]