Tonight was a special dinner event we hosted. We told our guests to come over for dinner without disclosing any specifics aside from it being a 5 course meal and BYOB. This is only a partial amount of the libations that were enjoyed during the evening!

Together with my husband, we prepared and served our 11 guests a Japanese inspired dinner in light of the spring season just around the corner. The menu I prepared included:

Course 1:
California Maki with Steamed & Salted Edamame

Course 2:
Crispy Fish Dumplings with Sweet Chili Sauce

Course 3:
Miso Soup with Wakame & Seared Scallops

Course 4:
Honey Soy Tilapia over a bed of Steamed Brown Rice, Pan Roasted Asparagus, Sesame Broccoli Salad; and the plate garnished with an Edamame Puree

Course 5:
Mango Mocchi

All in all, it was a successful dinner! My only regret was not taking pictures of all the dishes I made. (I'll work on posting the recipes without pictures soon...) It can be somewhat stressful when you're in the kitchen cooking each course as they come and plating all 11 plates so that they arrive at the table hot for guests! While I was in the kitchen, our guests had a fun time taking pics which I've included below. (I guess they were too hungry to take pics of the dishes??) :)


  1. I sure wish I could come to a dinner party at your house! Everything looks amazing.

  2. The menu sounds wonderful - I can't wait to see the recipes! Your dinner parties always sound like so much fun - I need to wrangle an invitation someday!

  3. Looks like a wonderful evening!