Product Review: Blue Avocado Grocery System

Because my kitchen is currently in boxes for the next 7 days, I figured I would use this time to share some fun foodie finds from the recent trade show I attended. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these reviews so please feel free to comment on whether you could see yourself using the products, what you like/don't like, etc!

Do you have a drawer or cabinet full of plastic grocery bags? Are you like me that forgets to bring bags to the grocery store to reuse? Tired of how flimsy plastic and paper bags can be to carry groceries? Read on about a great new company and grocery system that makes grocery shopping easier for you and better for the environment!

BlueAvocado is the love child of style and sustainability. It was founded in Austin, Texas, by a couple of mompreneurs and a hip little green maven who got tired of having to choose between what was convenient (and cute) — and what was right.

A lifestyle products company, BlueAvocado was created to help people to take their first step on the "green" journey. Our mission is to make it easy to do good and get it done — and just maybe find a little joy in the process.

With our debut, BlueAvocado introduces the gro-pak™, an eco—chic system of sustainable and reusable grocery bags (patent-pending). All bags are responsibly manufactured with recycled material and a carbon footprint label. By carrying our system, an average shopper can replace up to 1,000 plastic bags every year.

This is BlueAvocado's first step toward achieving its vision of making the planet millions of pounds lighter (CO2 emissions) and hundreds of communities stronger (1% of income invested in hundreds of micro—entrepreneurs around the world).

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy George, founder and chief ozone officer of Blue Avocado. Her company has taken off with such a great response that I have no doubt that you'll hear more about Blue Avocado in the future. These days, folks are starting to make a bigger effort in sustainability and Blue Avocado supports that mindset with their grocery system. I'm guilty of having cabinets and drawers overflowing with plastic grocery bags which I often try to reuse as garbage bags. However I think eliminating them all together and using reusable bags would be more effective and reduce clutter.

Blue Avocado does exactly that and it's no wonder they were recently featured in Real Simple magazine as the 'Best Reusable Bags.' They are not only stylish and come in a variety of fun colors, but also make grocery shopping easier. With 5 different kinds of reuseable shopping bags, you're elimating your carbon footprint and reducing waste!

The Blue Avocado grocery kits are said to replace 6-15 plastic bags per trip as well as:

So let's hear it! Are you into the 'green movement'? What do you think about Blue Avocado's grocery bag system? Would this be something you'd use? Why or why not?


  1. These are great! I love that she has the chill and veg bags!

  2. I have the pod bag and I love it. It stays in my purse and is mostly used for non-grocery items (mall, target, etc.). I love how compact it is.

  3. These look cool, but I'm not sure I'd spend $$ for specialty bags when I can get re-usable ones at the grocery store for under a dollar each.

    I like the idea though and might invest if I had some extra cash to throw around.

    What I really wish they would invent is a way to help me remember to bring my reusable bags into the store with me instead of forgetting them in the car!

  4. They sell these at my local grocery store and I have always thought they were that I have read the info on them I think I will pick them up! Gotta support my local Texans

  5. These bags sound great! I love my green bags but I hate having to remember to put them in my car and to actually take all 8 of them into the store. I really like that the Blue Avacado bags fold and fit together!

  6. Yes, these bags look great and modern...but I like my cheapy recyclable grocery bags from TJs. They were just as great! Only if I had the dolla bills!!

  7. I like the "chill" option. However, my favorite reusable bag is a "baggu" - it stuffs into itself so I can throw it in my work tote for any groceries on the way home. It looks like the "pod" might do that. I'm finally getting into the habit of bringing my baggu around with me. I hate showing up at the store and forgetting one of the 12 reusables I've acquired through work and other give-aways!
    Go Green!

  8. These look great but I'm quite fond of my Trader Joe's and Whole Foods bags, especially since they started offering more colorful ones.

  9. I love the idea of these bags. Very cute and convenient!

  10. I'm very environmentally conscious. I think this largely is due to being born & raised in Oregon - where my middle school science teacher built a system in our cafeteria that allowed students to recycle & compost almost everything on our trays in the early 1990s, and most Oregonians wouldn't dream of tossing a pop can/bottle etc (it makes me cringe when I see one in the trash!). I've definitely noticed a difference in attitude between Oregon/California and the midwest since moving to Chicago a couple years ago.

    It's an interesting idea - I actually really like the idea of the insulated ones - but I prefer the bags I already have. I've used canvas cloth bags for about 6 years and they carry a lot of stuff, and I have never worried about them breaking or anything. I did buy one of the 99 cent ones at Jewel once, because I forgot my bags, and they work ok - but I still don't feel they're as sturdy as my other bags.

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