Tasty Tools Round Up: Food Processor!

For February we highlighted the mighty Food Processor and it was perfect timing since my husband surprised me with one for Valentine's Day! If you haven't used your food processor recently (or are looking for reasons to buy one), check out what fellow bloggers have made. This tasty tool is definitely versatile and is definitely a great investment in your kitchen! Thanks to all that participated and if you missed this month, come join us for March where we're highlighting woks!

Greg of Sippitysup: Serious Fun Food
from California
Homemade Butter & Anchovy Aioli
Here's a treat for everyone! If you've ever wanted to attempt making butter from scratch, let Greg show you how with the video he shares for the event! It's fun to watch and who knew butter would be so easy to make with the help of a food processor? Check out Greg's butter video link here! If you enjoyed Greg's butter video, you might like his anchovy aioli, also using his food processor! Check out Greg's anchovy aoili video link here!

Jennifer of Savor the Thyme
from Rhode Island
Salmon Cakes & Cauliflower Puree
Jennifer reminds us that homemade breadcrumbs are just as easy to make as they are to buy from the store. Using her food processor, she processed bread to make breadcrumbs, which were used in her recipe for Salmon Cakes. Check out Jennifer's blog for this delicious recipe! And if you're looking for a different vinaigrette recipe for your next salad, check out another food processor recipe Jennifer shares with us. She's got a great recipe using grapeseed oil - Grapeseed Oil Red Wine Vinaigrette.

Sarina of TriniGourmet
from Trinidad
Raw Vegan Brownies
Who said brownies have to be baked? Sarina shares with us a raw foodie favorite, which are raw vegan brownies. These are made with dates, chocolate and avocado... a unique combination but one that Sarina enjoys making! If you've been interested in the raw food movement, this would be a great recipe to try out. Check out Sarina's blog for the recipe!

Beth of Domestic Pursuits
from Massachusetts
Quick & Easy Homemade Salsa
Beth whizzes up a fresh and tasty salsa in her food processor which makes is super convenient for her and her husband to enjoy! Beth says, "The resulting salsa isn’t chunky, but it has noticeable bits of vegetables. It’s is fresh and spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. After serving this to company last night, we have plenty of tasty salsa left over. It’s out mission to finish consuming the batch this week!" Check out the recipe she uses and give this a try soon!

Nancy of Gaga in the Kitchen
from California
White Bean Dip
In an attempt to make hummus, Nancy found herself with white beans instead of garbanzo beans. So what do you when life hands you the wrong kind of beans? Make a bean dip! Nancy used her food processor to whiz everything together. Check out her blog for the recipe!

Sara of
from Washington DC
Caesar Salad Dressing & Homemade Croutons
Can you tell the difference between a homemade Caesar salad dressing and a bottled version? Well Sara has given me a reason to believe that the homemade version is way better than anything you'll find bottled. She used her food processor to make her salad dressing from scratch! Be sure to check out her blog for the dressing recipe and croutons too!

Branny of Branny Boils Over
from North Carolina
Bean & Zucchini Enchiladas
Some folks like salsa out of the jar... but Branny takes salsa for a ride in her food processor! She used this pureed salsa to make a vegetarian friendly bean and zucchini enchiladas. Aside from salsa, Branny has a few other tips on using your food processor. Be sure to check out her blog for the enchilada recipe and for her tips!

Suzanne of My Adventures in Food
from Florida
Chocolate Pear Torte with Chocolate Ganache
Being that February is such a romantic month, Suzanne joins us to share how her food processor helped make her Valentine's Day dessert. This is one special cake complete with gold flakes... a truly decadent dessert worth every bite when shared with a loved one! Check out Suzanne's blog for the delicious recipe!

Elly of Elly Says Opa!
from Illinois
White Bean Roasted Red Pepper Dip
Elly shares with us a great appetizer perfect with pita chips and fresh cut veggies. Even better is that its a healthy dip recipe! Check out how Elly uses her food processor for this dip in her blog and grab the recipe too!

Cathy of Cathy's Kitchen Journey
from New York
Cumin Lentil Soup
These days soup is a comforting meal to beat the cold weather. For some soup recipes, chopping ingredients to add can be a tedious chore, but Cathy made it easy by using her food processor to make chopping a breeze. Check out Cathy's blog for the recipe!

Karen of Loves to Eat Weblog
from Florida
Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
These days we're all probably watching how we spend and I've found that a block of cheese is more affordable than cheese that's already shredded. Why pay for convenience when you can use your trust food processor to shred cheese? That's exactly what Karen did and as a result, a tasty pizza was for dinner Check out her pizza dough recipe and how she used her food processor in her blog!


  1. Joelen, you did such a great job at showing what everyone made. Excellent writing and challenges.

  2. Nice!! I won a 12 Cup Kitchen Aid Food Processor from BakeSpace... I can't wait for it to arrive so I can try out some of this!!

  3. Great roundup (and some new recipes for me to try!) Thanks!

  4. You know you are a foodie when kitchen gadgets are sexy! I bought my boyfriend - now husband - a CuisineArt for valentine's day a few years ago! It is an essential in our kitchen today.

  5. This is an awesome roundup. I can't wait to read through all of these great recipes this weekend. Thanks!

  6. Every kitchen needs a food processor. It will save our time and help us with the shredding or hand slicing of cheese and veggies, and can make a quick whipping of creams, sauces and dough.