Banana Cream Pie

I'm back with Tuesdays With Dorie! I'm so glad to be joining my fellow TWD bakers because I really missed baking up sweets every week. However my friends got me back on track last night when we came together for a dessert exchange. About 9 of us met up and brought a dessert (or two) to share. For the dessert exchange, I brought Dorie's Banana Cream Pie which was a hit!

Dorie's Banana Cream Pie had a wonderful flavor and texture... and it was much easier to make than I expected. I really liked the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg as it added a nice flavor to the custard. The sour cream topping also was nicely paired as it cut some of the sweetness and wasn't the typical whipped cream topping most associate with the pie. Be sure to check out Amy's blog, Sing for your Supper, to get the recipe... and take a peek at the other TWD bakers on how their banana cream pie turned out!

For the dessert exchange, we incorporated a deep fryer for anyone who wanted to fry up some sugary goodness. Joining my banana cream pie at the dessert exchange were...

Demitra's Apple Cake

Maureen's Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Jenny's Rosemary & Bourbon Coffee Cake

Yumi's Maple & Bacon Cupcakes

Demitra's Cardamom Rice Pudding
with Saffron Apricots

Eli's Fried Custard Squares

Christina's Cream Cheese Filled Beignets

with strawberry coulis & chocolate ganache dipping sauce

Wendy's Banana Fritters

Sharon's Deep Fried Candy Bars


  1. You had a lot of really fun desserts at your gathering! Everything looks great!

  2. Way to go on the dessert exchange.

    I like the slivered almonds on top.

  3. Oh wow what a spread! must try those car bomb cupcakes!

  4. Your pie looks delicious . And that is quite a dessert line up you have there. Wow!

  5. I wish I could've come to this fun little exchange! Glad your pie was a hit- it looks fantastic!! Thanks for baking with me this week!


  6. What a gorgeous roundup of food! Fantastic exchange! The pie looks great!

  7. Your pie really was delicious! Great pictures from last night!

  8. What a great looking pie! I love the almonds on top. The rest of your desserts look great too!

  9. I wouldn't be able to decide which dessert to try first, they all look great! I really enjoyed the banana cream pie, and I bet your guests did, too!

  10. Can i come live in your neighborhood. That looks/sounds/tastes like fun. Pie looks great. Love the almonds added on top.

  11. Oh my! Talk about sugar overload! I wouldn't know which to pick first!

    Actually I do. I'd go with anything chocolatey.

  12. Wow! That's quite a haul. Glad the pie was enjoyed.

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  14. Your pie is lovely, and the rest of the desserts look great, too! What a spread.

  15. Wow...sounds like quite a party! Your pie turned out great! I love the addition of the almonds on top. Nice job!