Hae-Mul Pa-Jeon (Seafood & Vegetable Pancake)

For our Korean Wine & Dine, I prepared this dish which was a great way to use scallions/green onions. I loved how you could use any variation of vegetables and even add your preferred meats or seafood with this recipe! For tonight's dinner I used scallions/green onions and added some scallops.

Hae-Mul Pa-Jeon
Seafood & Vegetable Pancake
recipe adapted from

2 cups flour
2 eggs, beaten
1 1/2 cups water
1 bunch of scallions, halved and cut into 2-3 inch lengths
1 tsp salt
Oil for cooking
1 cup sauteed scallops

Mix all ingredients together and let sit for about 10 minutes. Check consistency before cooking – batter should be a little bit runnier than American pancake batter, so that the Pa Jeon cooks quickly and evenly.

Heat a saute pan over medium heat and coat with a thin layer of oil.

Pour batter to fill pan in a thin layer (about 1/3 of your batter should fill a regular saute pan).

Cook for 3-4 minutes until set and golden brown on bottom.

Turn over with help of spatula or plate (or flip it in the air if you are good at that) and finish by cooking 1-2 more minutes, adding more oil if necessary. Serve with soy sauce.


  1. I had these once and loved them. I did not realize they were that easy to make.

  2. Wow! This looks great - like a variation of crab cakes!