No Bake Cheesecake

For a quick and easy dessert without the fuss, I made this no bake cheesecake which I portioned out into individual servings. This was great as it freed up my oven for other things that needed to bake.
No Bake Cheesecake recipe adapted from
Cheesecake filling: 
1 (8 oz) package cream cheese (soft)
1/3 cup sugar 
2 cups store bought Cool Whip or homemade prepared whipped cream 

1 1/2 cups prepared graham cracker crumbs 
3 tablespoons sugar 
2 tablespoons melted butter 
 4 individual serving dishes or shallow pans 

Whip cream cheese & sugar in a bowl with an electric mixer on high speed until smooth. 

Gently fold in the Cool Whip or prepared whipped cream; set aside. 

Combine the ingredients for the crust in a medium bowl. 

Press 1/4 of the crumb mixture into each individual serving dish. 

Spoon the filling into prepared serving dishes & refrigerate for at least 2 hrs. 

Before serving, top with a sliced strawberry.


  1. This is the last thing I need - an easy way to make cheesecake! I can't resist . . .

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  4. please explain for me......"2 cups WHIPPED CREAM" ok, so is that 2 cups of (liquid) whipping cream that you whip? because 2 cups liquid whipping cream makes more than 2 cups of whipped cream. OR do you mean "whipped cream" as in Cool Whip?

    1. Karen - 2 cups whipped cream is equivalent to 2 cups of store bought cool whip or homemade whipped cream. I've updated the ingredient list to clarify