Tasty Tools Round Up: Woks!

For March we highlighted the wok since I often get questions about how to use one. Woks have been an essential piece of cookware in my kitchen, which I learned from my parents since I was a child. They have a whole collection of woks of various sizes and styles... and I have cooked pretty much everything in a wok including a cake, pasta dishes, stir fry dishes and even used it as a deep fryer. This tasty tool is definitely versatile and is a great investment in your kitchen!

If you would like some great information on woks and how to use and care for them, please check out this site. Thanks to all that participated and if you missed this month, come join us for April where we're highlighting muffin pans!

Debbie of
Thyme for Nourishment
General Tso's Shrimp
Debbie is breaking in her wok with a fabulous looking dish, General Tso's Shrimp! It looks amazing and can be done in your trusty wok. Check out Debbie's blog for the recipe and her thoughts after using the wok for the first time!

general tso's shrimp 2

Christine of Kits Chow

from Vancouver BC
Gaji Namul
Christine shares with us a great dish to prepare eggplant. I love eggplant and this is one recipe I'm looking forward to making myself in my wok! Check out Christine's blog for the details and recipe!

Elizabeth of Elizabeth's Edible Experience
from Virginia
Sizzling Shrimp with Corn Relish
Not only is this dish easy to make in a wok, it's healthy too! WE're big shrimp fans and this dish is sure to please any shrimp lover. Check out Elizabeth's blog for the recipe!

Shawna of Daily Deliciousness
from Michigan
General Tso's Chicken
This is an amazing looking dish that Shawna's husband, Paul, prepared. Doesn't it look just as it would at a restaurant?! You can make this too in your wok and for the recipe, check out Shawna's blog!

Roxanne of Tastes, Tales & Tours
from California
Peanut Chicken
This is Roxanne's first blog submission and a great one at that! There's something about nuts tossed into a stir fry that make them so good. Roxanne prepares this peanut chicken dish in her wok and you can get the recipe from her blog!

Cathy of
Cathy's Kitchen Journey
from New York
Steamed Chicken & Shitake Mushrooms
Aside from stir frying, a wok makes for a great steamer too! Cathy prepares this Steamed Chicken & Shitake Mushroom dish in her wok in an effort to recreate her mom's special recipe. Check out Cathy's blog for the recipe!

chicken and shitake


Branny of Branny Boils Over

from North Carolina
Weeknight Stirfry
Check out Branny's blog for a quick and easy stirfry you can prepare during a weeknight! Her stir fry is colorful and vegetarian friendly as well!



Nancy of Gaga in the Kitchen
from California
Moo Shu Chicken
Nancy shares with us a recipe for Moo Shu Chicken, which she prepared in her wok. This is a delicious stir fry dish that's served in a pancake instead of over rice. Check out Nancy's blog for the recipe!

Karen of Loves to Eat Weblog
from Florida
Wok Review
Check out Karen's blog to read her thoughts on woks and how she uses them. She has a great tip on making omelets in a wok too! p3080021

Cathy of Cathy's Kitchen Journey
from New York
Curry Chicken
Curry chicken is usually associated with Indian cuisine but Cathy shows us how to make it with Chinese flair! This looks incredibly delicious and you must check out her blog for the recipe!

curry chix potatoes



  1. ohhh my stars! I am so hungry now. I love that corn relish one as it reminds when I made corn relish fritters. I love my woks too, thanks for that info too.

  2. I recently have been considering a wok! That General Tso's looks great. My husband would LOVE it if I made some!

  3. Great idea for a roundup! I need to get a new wok myself. I think the link to the peanut chicken doesn't work. Was going to check that one out.

  4. Crazy, I just bought a wok today and made Kung Pao Chicken! :) Last time I made it, I used a regular deep skillet and it turned out yummy, but was sticking to the pan... This time was easy peasy and clean!

  5. Thanks for the link re: woks! I want to replace my flat-bottom, nonstick with a round-bottom, rolled-steel kind. I had one before but did a poor job of seasoning it.