Foodie Films: Tortilla Soup

Happy Cinco de Mayo! It's a time to celebrate Mexican culture and cuisine and we're doing just that today! To celebrate, I'm watching the movie, Tortilla soup. It's a wonderful movie that reflect delicious Mexican cuisine and family oriented culture...

Retired Mexican-American chef Martin Naranjo shares an L.A. home with his three gorgeous, but single, adult daughters. Though he long ago lost his ability to taste, Martin still lives to cook incredibly lavish dinners for his loved ones and to serve them in a family-style ritual at traditional sit-down meals. Although the women humor their father's old-fashioned ways, each of them is searching for fulfillment outside the family circle. College student Maribel is growing increasingly frustrated with the singles scene and wants a steady man; gorgeous career woman Carmen is fed up with her boyfriend and his wandering eye; meanwhile, eldest daughter Letitia, who has suppressed her own romantic longings, senses something missing in her life. Things take a turn for the romantic when Dad, a widower, meets a vivacious divorcee on the lookout for a mate and each of his daughters, in turn, finds someone. But they'll all discover that the recipe for happiness may call for some unexpected ingredients. -- IMDB

To join me in celebrating Cinco de Mayo are fellow foodies who have brought some Mexican inspired dishes to share at my Foodie Films event! Please check out the following blogs for their delicious recipes and drool-worthy pics. There won't be any trouble finding any Mexican fare to celebrate with for this Cinco de Mayo!

Katie of Katie's Kitchen
Chicken Fajita Salad with Poblano Buttermilk Dressing

Amy of Just2Good
Enchilada Casserole

Kathleen of Cassie's Ruminations
Fish Tacos & Roasted Tomato Salsa

Melissa of Mrs. Sac's Purple Kitchen
South of the Border Stuffed Peppers

Melissa of Delicious Melicious
Enchilada Dip Rollups

Erin of It's All Happening
Mexican Lasagna

Janet of Cooking in Cucamonga
Yummy Enchilada Casserole

Shayne of One Bite at a Time
South of the Border Shrimp Wrap

Erin of Erin's Food Files
Baked Flautas with Roasted Corn Salad

Chris of Mele Cotte

Meatless Taquitos

Mylinda of Sweet Tea in Texas
Paula Deen's Taco Soup

Branny of Branny Boils Over
Vegetarian Mole Sauce

Nicole of Things That Make You Go Mmmmmm
Easy Chicken Enchiladas

Mary Ellen of Mary Ellen's Cooking Creations

Spicy Taco Soup


  1. I haven't even heard of that movie - but now it is on my list "to see" - thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow thanks for all those links to some pretty spectacular dishes!

    I haven't heard of that movie either, I must be out of the loop on that one!

  3. THought I left a comment, but it must have taken a wrong turn! Thanks for a great round up...some deeeelish dishes here! :)