Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Langostino & Vegetable Pasta Toss

Tonight we have plans to watch a pre-screening of the upcoming movie, Angels & Demons. I'm looking forward to it, thanks to our friends, Megan and Matt. So with evening plans set, dinner had to come together quickly.

Pasta is always a quick meal, especially if you have random ingredients on hand to add in. So for tonight, it was a mix of bow tie pasta, homemade pasta sauce from the freezer, a few veggies & aromatics (baby bella mushrooms, mixed bell pepper slices, garlic & onion), splash of wine, some seasoning and to add a bit of interest, langostinos.

What are langostinos? Some folks think it's a relative of shrimp or even lobster... however the truth is, langostinos are more closely related to hermit crabs. They are small in size, similar to shrimp and they look and taste like a mini lobster tail.I picked up some frozen langostinos from Trader Joe's not too long ago and to jazz up my pasta, I tossed them in.

Not quite a specific recipe tonight, but you can certainly substitute langostinos with shrimp (or lobster!). To serve, simply plate up, garnish with some shredded parmesan cheese and a couple fresh basil leaves.