Care to Join my June Blogging Adventures?

Here's a summary of the Culinary Blogging Adventures I'm hosting for the month of June. I hope you're able to participate and can share the culinary adventures you're having in your kitchen! The blogging adventures are also listed on my blog's left sidebar for future reference all throughout the month.

Chef Spotlight Dinners: Bobby Flay Recipes
Deadline: June 15th
Each month my group of friends and I get together and prepare a potluck of dishes inspired by a specific chef or group of chefs. This month in honor of grilling season, we've got our spotlight on Bobby Flay. Any Bobby Flay recipes are welcomed for this blogging adventure. Click here for more details!

Wine & Dine Dinners: California Wine Country
Deadline: June 21st
Learning about food and drink is something my friends and I enjoy. Each month we come together in my 'Wine & Dine' events to learn about a specific wine or liquor and pair it with a specific cuisine. For June, we're highlighting California Wine Country cuisine and wines! Click here for more details!

Tasty Tools: Ice Cream Makers
Deadline: June 30th
This month since it will soon be summer, we're highlighting ice cream makers! Whether you use your ice cream maker for ice cream, sherbets, sorbets, or even gelatos, please share them with us! If you happen to use an ice cream maker for any recipe at all, submit it to the event along with a picture of your tasty tool! Click here for more details!


  1. Sounds like a good reason to finally purchase an ice-cream maker! :-)

  2. OOH I have a Bobby Flay recipe I just posted about. I'm going to submit!! Love your blogging adventures. I hope I can get in on some of the others as well.

  3. Hey-did you get my emails from [email protected]? I also have an ice crema maker that I have not used-ops.

  4. I sure wish we lived near you, I'd love to partake in the Bobby Flay session...I hope you bog about it!

  5. Fun events, Joelen. I just sent you a couple of Bobby Flay recipe links.