Monday, June 1, 2009

Gingered Bratwurst

Many folks here in the midwest are familiar with using beer to cook bratwurst in. Today I wanted to try something a bit different and used soda instead. Perhaps not quite something you'd expect to do with soda but stick with me here... it's not just your typical cola variety that I'm using!

Goose Island is a local craft beer company here in Chicago. Aside from delicious craft beers, they also have a line of craft sodas. For my bratwurst, I chose to bathe them in Goose Island Spicy Ginger Soda. This soda, which is made with 100% cane sugar, has a nice ginger flavor with a hint of citrus.

How much easier can it get by allowing fresh bratwurst to simmer in soda?

After awhile, the soda starts to reduce and the sugars begin to caramelize...

And once it's completely reduced and caramelized, it's ready for the bun! You could add caramelized onions if you'd like but the flavor is wonderful all on it's own.

Gingered Bratwurst
original Joelen recipe

1 bottle Goose Island Spicy Ginger Soda
1 package fresh bratwurst

Place bratwurst in a skillet and add soda.
Cook over medium high heat until soda reduces and caramelizes. Check the doneness of the bratwurst. If it's not cooked once all the soda has reduced, you can add additional water until bratwurst is fully cooked.