Pride Weekend in Chicago!

(Picture I took from the Pilsen neighborhood)

This past weekend was awesome here in Chicago! I spent part of my weekend cheering on folks in Chicago's Dyke March and Pride Parade, as well as enjoying the Pride festivities in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood. It was a lot of fun and if you ever get the chance, come out to Chicago during Pride Weekend - so much to see! Here are some pictures I took of this weekend's festivities...

Chicago Dyke March 2009
The Chicago Dyke March Collective is a grassroots demonstration
and celebration of dyke, queer, and transgender resilience

In Chicago, The Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade is an institution. It's an outrageous event surrounded by the good-moodest of crowds, and it's not to be missed. Gay, straight, not sure, not particular -- it's a day to celebrate being yourself. And everyone is welcome.


  1. Too fun! And it looks like you had awesome weather for it!

  2. Pride was extra fun and BIG this year! Glad that people really came out and enjoyed themselves!

  3. I have an extra token or two that SAM Beverage was passing out if you are interested.

  4. I think you were right across the street from me during Pride! I had such a great time! Definitely a wonderful Chicago experience!