Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Savory Triple Cherries Jubilee

The secret ingredient has been revealed - cherries! Inspired by the summer, the challenge of today's Virtual Kitchen Stadium is to create a savory recipe using cherries. With so many directions I could take with a savory cherry dish, it was hard to choose just one. So how did I choose? Easy!

But first, let's take a closer look at the secret ingredient. Cherries come in all sorts of forms - solid, liquid, fresh and dried. Why not highlight the secret ingredient by using all these forms? With that, I present my...

Savory Triple Cherries Jubilee

Cherry Balsamic Braised Stuffed Chicken
served over caramelized turnip puree
Simmering fresh cherries with balsamic vinegar and other ingredients to create a concentrated reduction intensifies the cherry flavor even more. To compliment the sweet yet tart flavors of this glaze, I've paired it with a seasoned chicken breast stuffed with fresh herbs and creamy goat cheese set on a fluffy cloud of pureed turnips which have been caramelized and roasted.

Cherry & Orange Champagne Vinaigrette
over a bed of mixed greens
Salads are a favorite this time of year and my Savory Triple Cherries Jubilee captures the sweetness of summer cherries in a vinaigrette. Bright orange notes work nicely with cherries as I infuse sweet dark cherry juice with a muscat orange champagne vinegar, making a light and fruity dressing. Drizzle this over a bed of fresh mixed greens with sweet mandarin orange segments and fresh pitted cherries, and you'll have a colorful salad full of summer flavor!

Cherry, Cheddar & Rosemary Scones

Who says scones can't be sweet? The last component of my Savory Triple Cherries Jubilee introduces fresh herbs, mild cheddar cheese and plump dried cherries packaged up in a savory scone. I was inspired to create this when I had my cranberry orange scone this morning. In place of dried cranberries I used dried cherries and added fresh herbs and cheese to make a savory scone that's perfect as a snack or a great addition to a meal.

Please click the links above for the three recipes that make up my Savory Triple Cherries Jubilee! If you like my creation and wish to support me for the popular vote, please visit the Virtual Kitchen Stadium and cast your vote for my dish! Chef Rick Bayless will also be judging my dish and will determine if I can move onto the next round... Stay tuned!