Neighborhood Taste Tour: Chinatown

Each summer, Chicago's Chinatown transforms their main thoroughfare into a feast for the eyes, ears and tastebuds for their Chinatown Summer Festival. Today I took friends to Chinatown to learn more about the Chinese culture through food. Here are pictures of the tour I hosted, along with the various stops we made.

The Phoenix Restaurant's traditional Dim Sum brunch

Chinatown Market's various Chinese ingredients

Chinatown Summer Festival at the Chinatown entryway

Tai Fok Hong Co for herbs and teas

(2155-A S. China Place)

AJ Housewares & Gifts
(2125-A S. China Place)

Sweet House Candy Shop
(2143A S. China Place)

Joy Yee's for their famous Bubble Teas

(2139-A S. China Place)

Saint Anne's Bakery & Cafe

(2158-A S. China Place)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun.

    How many of these shops are run by older Chinese immigrants and their decendants, compared with those run by newer Chinese and Vietnamese-Chinese immigrants?

  2. Looks like fun!
    This post brought back memories from my trip to Chi-town earlier this year. We loved China-Town! The aroma of chinese food slaps you in the face when you step off the train. :)

  3. Wow, I can't believe I've never been to Chicago's Chinatown. I'm so envious. I spent 10 years working at a Chinese restaurant, that culture has made an impact on me. I never realized to what extent until my trip to Singapore this past winter. I feel so at home w/ the culture & food. Still have not acquired a liking for! Maybe my next trip to Chicago in September I can meet up w/ my Chinese friend from S'pore who lives in Chicago for 1/2 year to tour around these places you mentioned in this posting. Love your blog - so informative!