In the Kitchen: Cooking Building Blocks

These days, folks are looking for ways to save money wherever possible and as a result, more folks are cooking meals at home more often. There are more folks who want to cook but really don't know where to start and sometimes cooking for 1 or 2 can be even more challenging. To help, I taught a cooking class for members of What's Cookin, Chicago in hopes that they gain a bit more confidence in the kitchen to use what they have on hand, make budget friendly meals that use fresh ingredients without having tons of leftovers.

Joining me in the kitchen were 8 members and we had a great interactive cooking session preparing the following dishes (with links to the recipes):


  1. That would be a neat experience -- teaching people to cook with more confidence.

    I wish my city had a similar group.

  2. My 2nd job is a food demonstrator at Costco. I'd love to share my ideas while demonstrating cooking with others within the group one day.