Meet This Week's Tattle Tasters!

Today I'd like you to meet some fellow What's Cookin, Chicago members! They have weighed in on some upcoming recipes and come to share their thoughts, some suggestions to put on a new twist on them and which dishes they liked best and least. This week, they are reviewing wrap sandwiches.

A cousin to the ever popular burrito, wrap sandwiches are perfectly customizable and portable. You can fill them with anything and this week, I'm highlight a few wrap sandwich recipes:

Blue Cheese Pepper Steak Wrap
Ginger Peanut Chicken Salad Wrap
Spicy Ranch Chicken Wrap

To share their thoughts on the wrap sandwiches I created in the next few days, read on to meet this week's Tattle Tasters...

"I love tasting and eating all food and drink and I am interested in expanding my palate, and experiencing different culinary areas of Chicago."

Christina lives in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. She's been a part of What's Cookin Chicago since February 2009 and has attended 5 events of mine ever since. When asked about her thoughts on What's Cookin Chicago, Christina says, "[It's] a great group of people and Joelen throws fabulous events with amazing food."

"I enjoy trying new food and learning about different types of good food that might be easy to try myself"

Laurel lives in the Loop neighborhood of Chicago. She's been a part of What's Cookin Chicago since November 2007. Laurel joined What's Cookin Chicago because friends raved about What's Cookin Chicago and she joined to try it out herself. "I enjoy the What's cooking Chicago events and since I am not a cook myself, I enjoy being shown ways I can learn to cook and try different and amazing food.

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