Meet This Week's Tattle Tasters!

Today I'd like you to meet some fellow What's Cookin, Chicago members! They have weighed in on some upcoming recipes and come to share their thoughts, some suggestions to put on a new twist on them and which dishes they liked best and least. This week, they are reviewing the following couscous recipes, which will be shared in the days ahead:

Caprese Couscous Salad
Nicoise Style Couscous Salad
Cucumber Couscous Salad w/Buttermilk Dressing

Read on to meet this week's Tattle Tasters who will be sharing their thoughts in the next few days...

"I have worked part-time as a personal chef for clients and my motivation for this has always been and continues to be to expose people towards good and healthy eating habits while introducing them to diverse cultures by offering international foods from time to time. My background is mostly in Mediterranean food, and although I was born in Chicago, I am of Greek descent. I did live in Greece for a few years during my childhood and grew up in a traditionally Greek household. I also like to make Latin American and Asian cuisien on occasion and fuse a variety of foods for new platters. I love to cook for people and I would like to expand my abilities in this area. I have recently been able to exercise this by working with groups such as The International Institute by providing food for their Festival of Nations. I have also prepared dishes, to represent various Latin Amiercan Countries, for the Hispani Festivals in St. Louis, Missouri. I wanted to be a Recipe Reviewer because I wanted to get involved with the Chicago cooking community. I wanted to get to know other people who love to cook and being involved in a collaborative project seems exciting and interesting."
Samm lives in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. He's been a part of What's Cookin Chicago since May 2009. "I was familiar with during the time when I lived in Washington State and St. Louis and I think it's a great site that unifies and brings together many people with common interests. As a Chicagoan, it is my opinion that Chicago is a great diverse food city. The variety of great food is plentiful here and covers a range of different cuisines, from the 5 star restaurants to the street vendors! I thought What's Cookin Chicago would be a great way to get involved with the food community of Chicago. What's Cookin Chicago is a great opportunity for a network of food enthusiats to gather, collaborate and most important, have fun." Samm enjoys tapas, Mediterranean, Latin and Asian food. He also likes fusion combinations as well.

"I love to eat everything. Growing up, I was raised to appreciate any food that was given to me so I am always thankful to eat and try different kinds of food."

Kevin lives in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. He recently learned about What's Cookin Chicago through his stepmom, Jill, that's a current member. Kevin is a fan of anything his momma makes! More specifically, he loves soul food, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and of course, anything from the barbecue!

"I enjoy trying new food and learning about different types of good food that might be easy to try myself"

Laurel lives in the Loop neighborhood of Chicago. She's been a part of What's Cookin Chicago since November 2007. Laurel joined What's Cookin Chicago because friends raved about What's Cookin Chicago and she joined to try it out herself. "I enjoy the What's cooking Chicago events and since I am not a cook myself, I enjoy being shown ways I can learn to cook and try different and amazing food.

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