Pancit Palabok (Filipino Seafood Spaghetti)

Despite enjoying other cuisines readily available living here in Chicago, there's nothing like going back to the foods I ate as a child. Pancit Palabok is definitely one of my favorites. This is a rice noodle dish with a flavorful shrimp sauce, crispy pork cracklings, sliced egg and a bit of lemon juice. Maybe think of it as a shrimp flavored seafood spaghetti of sorts. The combination of ingredients may be odd to those unfamiliar with Filipino cuisine, but I assure you that this dish is a favorite of many Filipinos. I can easily devour this since it brings back so many memories! I previously made this using a packaged mix [gasp!] but after much practice in perfecting the dish the way I like it, I finally have a recipe to share.

Pacit Palabok
original Joelen recipe

1 tablespoon annato seeds + 1/2 cup hot water
3-5 cloves garlic, minced
1 medium onion, sliced
2 tablespoons olive or canola oil
3 cups shrimp broth
2 tablespoons patis (fish sauce)
2 tablespoons cornstarch + 2 tablespoons water
1 cup finely minced shrimp, uncooked.
1 package Pancit Luglug (thick, dried rice noodles)

1/2 cup crushed pork rinds
1-2 hard boiled eggs, sliced
lemon slices
1/4 cup sliced green onions

In a large bowl, place the dried pancit luglug and pour hot boiling water enough to cover. Set aside to soften.

In a small bowl, combine the annato seeds and hot water. Stir to dissolve slightly and set aside.

In a large wok over medium high heat, add your oil, garlic and onions. Saute until softened.

Add the shrimp broth, fish sauce and only the liquid from the annato seeds. Discard the seeds.

Allow the mixture to come to a boil. Add the minced shrimp and slowly add the slurry of cornstarch/water to thicken.

Add the softened pancit luglug to the wok and toss to coat. Let the noodles sit in the sauce to fully absorb.

When ready to serve, place the noodles on a platter and garnish with the crushed pork rinds, sliced hard boiled eggs, lemon slices and green onions.


  1. How do I love this? Let me count the ways . . . Pancit Palabok is my absolute favorite pancit but even more, this is the dish that made my husband crazy for Filipino cuisine! 8-D

    I finally figured out how to make it without using a Mama Sita packaged mix (similar to your recipe here, which is awesome) but I have the hardest time finding luglug noodles specifically. Now, I'd better go in search because you've made me soooo hungry for this . . . !

  2. YUM!! This looks delish!!! Tawny will LOVE it!!!

  3. I love pancit palabok, definately something I could eat and never tire of! Like you I use the Mama Sita mix and it's great in a pinch to curb those cravings. When I don't have the right noodles, I use spaghetti! Your noodles look yummy!