Tattle Tasters Round Up: Wrap Sandwiches

So this week, you've met some of our What's Cookin, Chicago "Tattle Tasters" and hopefully read their reviews! Here's what our Tattle Tasters had to say about the the recipes overall. Thank you to our Tattle Tasters and be sure to check back next week to meet a few more What's Cookin, Chicago members and the recipes they reviewed!

" One thing I learned about this sampling is that each one is very different and a lot has to do with your personal preferences. But when you are looking for taste, texture, depth of flavor and other aspects of the food the sampler creates a good set up to compare variances in one type of food."


"The hands down winner of these wraps was the Blue Cheese Pepper Steak Wrap and I look forward to having it again at another Picnic in the Park."

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