Tattle Tasters... Who Tell It Like It Is!

We know there are countless food blogs out in the world wide web. Many have mouth watering food photography of recipes they've made. Others have a great writing style that pulls you in because they write about their dish with such flair. With pictures and content aside, do you ever wonder if the recipes taste as good as they look or as they are portrayed? Well, I'm doing something more interactive and have recruited friends to take advantage of their tastebuds. They have a culinary opinion to share about recipes and have agreed to tell it like it is!

Every week you'll get to meet my Tattle Tasters, members of What's Cookin, Chicago, who come to share their thoughts on recipes in my blog. You won't find any sugar coated reviews here because these Chicago food enthusiasts have real opinions on food... the good, the bad and even the ugly. So how does it work?

Each week, I'll be featuring a few recipes where my Tattle Tasters will give constructive criticism. The recipes are a combination of original and adapted recipes from other sources and will have a theme, whether it's the varied use of a specific ingredient or a food type. These Tattle Tasters have personally eaten the featured dishes I've prepared and have provided their feedback, with the following questions in mind:

- Did they like the dish?
- What changes would they make to improve the dish or other ideas to give the dish a new spin?
- Would they encourage others to make the recipe? Why or why not?
- Which of the featured dishes was their most and least favorite?
- Was there anything they learned from the dishes' theme?

New Tattle Testers will be featured each week to speak their mind on a whole new set of themed dishes. This is an opportunity for me to highlight more recipes, introduce great members of What's Cookin, Chicago, a chance for members to share their culinary voice and for readers to get an uncensored and unfiltered review of dishes. So stay tuned as the some Tattle Testers will share their thoughts on 3 recipes next week!

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