Winner of Foodie Freebie Friday: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet!


We made it through another week and it still boggles my mind that we're already half way through with August! With the weekend ahead, do you have any tasty plans cooking or baking up in your kitchen? Whatever plans you have, I hope they are enjoyable ones!

This weekend is yet another busy one where What's Cookin, Chicago will be taking on more culinary adventures. Here's what you can anticipate reading about here on the blog for the weekend...

This week for Foodie Freebie Friday I'm giving away an essential piece of cookware - cast iron skillet! I'm a fan of Lodge Cast Iron because it's a company that's been around for over a century and their cast irons have been known to last for several generations. Given this, I asked readers to share what things (food related or not) they have gotten passed down to them and if they plan on passing anything down to future generations.

I really enjoyed reading the responses and conjured up some memories of family members who have passed on. Some items that have been received by readers include china, cookbooks, baking supplies, specialty cookware/bakeware, dinnerware, stand mixers, jewelry, and even recipes. More important that what has been passed down is the value and meaning of these items. It's interesting to think back to the time those before us have used these things and now they are in our hands. And if you don't have a tradition of passing down items in your family, perhaps you can start one! There's quite a few ideas of what to pass down, but the meaning behind it will make it even more special. Perhaps this week's Foodie Freebie Friday will be one that a lucky reader will pass down someday...

Who's the lucky winner? Read on to find out!

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Comment #81 comes from Kayla who said...
My great grandmother's recipes have been passed down to me, I think they are really special.

I'd like to pass something on, but I'm not sure what. Maybe this!

August 12, 2009 1:15 PM

Congratulations to Kayla! Please email me at [email protected] so I can have your Lodge Cast Iron sent to you!

Thanks again to all those that commented and stay tuned to the next Foodie Freebie announcement on Monday, August 17, 2009! Don't feel discouraged if you haven't won yet - I have a whole year's worth of freebies ahead and next week is one that you won't want to miss!

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