Farewell to Summer...

The summer season here in Chicago has either came for a quick second or never came at all. But today we were pleasantly surprised when we reached a balmy 80 degrees. It's been the warmest day we've had in a few weeks, so to us it was just a taste of summer... barely. Despite the cool temperatures, we did have a delicious taste of summer on the dinner table tonight. Our close friends, Megan and Matt, hosted yet another wonderful dinner as one last hoorah of summer. The grill was warmed up, ready to go for an amazing meal of...

Megan's Signature Spinach Salad

Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon

Parmesan Crusted Sweet Onions

Fresh Michigan Sweet Corn

Megan's Famous Snicker Surprise Cookies

Megan and Matt have grown to be close friends of ours over the past year and we do our best to get together every week. As much as we see them, it's always a great time and Megan never fails tends to show me some neat tricks in the kitchen! Her latest is how her family butters corn on the cob.

When I butter my corn on the cob, I'll melt some butter in a measuring cup along with freshly chopped herbs and some random seasonings then pour it over the corn. As much as this is good, it can be pretty messy and slippery. After tonight, I've found a new way to butter corn and to me, it's ingenious!

Megan's family takes a hot dog bun or slice of bread and places a few pats of butter in it. Taking the butter filled slice of bread in one hand, the warm corn on the cob is placed on the bun and rotated on the bun to butter all around.
Voila! Buttered corn without the mess and after you butter enough cobs to go aroundm you're left with a buttery bun to eat on the side too!

Stay tuned all this week when I share the recipes for the above dishes! Although it was a farewell to summer, these dishes can certainly be made and enjoyed all year round...


  1. I can't wait for the recipe for the Parmesan Crusted Sweet Onions!! The whole meal looked fantastic.

  2. OMG, me, too! Those onions remind me of the mouth-watering ones at Osteria via Stato .... I can't wait for the recipe. I just love your blog - so many interesting things from ethnic foods to just plain fun stuff (like the summer dinner, the baking). Thanks!

  3. Great way to say goodbye to summer! I wish we could say goodbye here in Texas!