Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flaky Apple Turnovers

This week's Tuesdays With Dorie baking challenge is Dorie's Flaky Apple Turnovers, chosen by Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen (who has the recipe within her blog). I really liked this recipe - probably my favorite of all the September recipes chosen for TWD. The dough was flaky, buttery and so good all on its own. I would think any filling you decide to use will compliment the dough well. For this recipe, the filling was apple... a great choice with fall upon us!


The recipe starts out by making a dough using sour cream, sugar, flour, salt and 3 sticks of butter (how could this dough possibly taste bad?!). The dough is pretty soft so it must chill and firm up for at least an hour. Meanwhile, we all helped out by preparing the chopped apples that would serve as our filling. The filling consists of chopped Granny Smith apples, flour, sugar and cinnamon.

Once our dough was chilled long enough to firm up and handle, we rolled it out and used a large flower shaped cookie cutter. This worked out well and helped in sealing the edges perfectly. As a result of using this cutter, the turnovers had a great shape to them as well.

Dorie's recipe called for filling each piece of dough with the filling and adding some bits of chilled butter. We omitted the butter from the filling since the dough had enough butter as it is. It worked out fine and we even saved ourselves from a few calories!

Once we filled each piece of dough and sealed them, they were brushed with an egg wash and sprinkled with raw sugar to give it a nice sparkle.

We really liked this recipe and I plan on using this dough again. I look forward to experimenting with different fillings - fruit, chocolate, nuts, etc. The dough reminded me of puff pastry only it's much easier to make, work with and not as labor intensive. It puffs up perfectly, as a result of folding the butter laden dough a few times before it's chilled. I think I've found myself a new buttery dough to play with in the coming weeks!