Labor Day BBQ Inspired Dinner

With summer coming down to an end, it's a popular ritual for many to prepare a barbeque inspired dinner during Labor Day holiday weekend here in the US. I'm jumping the bandwagon and I hosted a dinner with friends with classic BBQ fare in mind. Aside from the popularity of using the grill this time of year, much of the inspiration comes from my friend Eva. We've become email 'pen pals' recently and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person not too along while she was visiting Chicago for work. It never ceases to amaze me how many of my online acquaintances are very much like I envisioned them through their writing and online persona.

Upon meeting Eva, I was presented with some edible treats from her home state, Virginia. I became the recipient of 2 bags of golden, salty Virginia peanuts! I recently used some for an upcoming Tuesdays With Dorie baking challenge (which will be highlighted here in the coming weeks) and I plan on using them in future baking recipes. But Eva's food generosity didn't end there. Just a few days ago, she sent me a wonderful package of North Carolina BBQ sauces!

I wasn't sure what I'd be making for the Labor Day holiday earlier this week but with Eva's gifts as an inspiration, I knew I had to incorporate some BBQ for the weekend. Some of the dishes I wanted to prepare are classic barbeque and summer fare while others have a slight twist. So thanks to Eva, here's the Labor Day BBQ Dinner I prepared for family and friends, along with links to the recipes!

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