Lazy Weekend Brunch For Guests

Brunch is probably one of the meals I love the most. It has both sweet and savory options that combines the best of breakfast and lunch (and sometimes dinner) within a typical menu. Normally eaten on the weekends, it's a meal that encourages sleeping in since it's generally served between 10am and 3pm, give or take an hour or two. With some family spending the holiday weekend with us, I wanted to treat them to a brunch to start off their day.

When coming up with my menu, I thought about some common brunch foods. Many brunches I've seen involve a buffet of carved meats, a line of steaming tables filled with random breakfast food, a table of assorted pastries, etc. Just like those buffets, I wanted to give everyone a few options to choose from. My family also loves to be in the kitchen and they embrace culinary interaction (or is it competition?) whenever they can. That's when the thought of an omelette station hit me. You see them at most brunch buffets and everyone can customize them to their liking. But rather than catering to my family and cooking their omelette for them, I figured they'd want jump in on the stove and cook it themselves with a do it yourself omelette bar.

It was a lot of fun sharing the kitchen with everyone and seeing who could come up with the ultimate omelette! You don't need a gourmet kitchen to accomplish this either. My kitchen is probably half the size of many out there since I live in an urban jungle highrise and kitchen space is a luxury. The best part? I didn't have to cook or prepare much at all. It was still a lazy morning for me despite the brunch spread I prepared. Here's the brunch menu I came up with to accompany our omelettes. Stay tuned for some of the recipes which I'll be sharing within the next day or two!

Mini Bagels

with homemade honey pecan cream cheeses
& homemade garden veggie cream cheese

Omelette Bar

with all the fixins!

Homemade Chicken & Apple Sausage Patties

Fresh Fruit Salad

Coffee & Fresh Orange Juice


  1. Mmmm i'm sure they really appreciated it :D

  2. An omelet bar doesn't seem lazy to me...but it does seem yummy!

  3. This sounds like my kind of brunch, I especially love omelets and chicken sausage... I have yet to make my own but I keep meaning to :)