Pretzelpalooza! Stuffed Pretzel Tasting

Here's a twisted post, if there ever was one! I recently hosted a 'Pretzelpalooza' of sorts, compliments of Kim & Scott's Pretzels. Friends and I got together to try an assortment of sweet and savory stuffed pretzels, where we commented on each one's flavor, texture and overall taste. It was a lot of fun and it's amazing what you can do to plain pretzels. Read on to see what we tried and how they rated!

Our taste testers (L-R): Ted, Maria, Amy Lee, Niki

Our taste testers (L-R): Brittany, Kelly, Abbie, Dale

"[This was] mainly tomato sauce; needs more cheese or pepperoni bite; needs to be spicier." score 6/10 - Ted

"Nice; I would like more pronounced cheese visibility & flavor." score 8.1/10 - Dale

"Where's the cheese? It's all sauce; maybe some oregano too." score 4/10 - Amy Lee

"Very good, it really tasted like toasted bread as opposted to just a pretzel dough. Nice mild cheese flavor, like a cheese sandwich you would make." score 8/10 - Brittany

"Good pretzel for children or grilled cheese fans. The America [cheese] used is a good selection. Needs salt on top typical of pretzel." score 6/10 - Maria

"Will appeal to children but as a gourmet pretzel I expect more spice/flavor." score 5/10 - Niki

"Nice golden brown flavor and the taste is on the average side. I might have gotten a one off piece that didn't have as much cheese." score 5/10 - Kelly

"A little disappointed by the cheese selected for 'cheese lovers.' I was hoping for something more nuttier or sharper." score 6/10 - Maria

"Could be stronger in flavor; should have more types of cheese/yellow cheeses." - score 7/10 - Ted

"Wierd. Blandish and doesn't taste like much." score 2/10 - Abbie

"Very good but I expected more herb. I love the cream cheese but the toasted cheese [on top of the pretzel] takes away from the cream cheese." score 7/10 - Amy Lee

"Almost like a bagel & cream cheese. Needs more cream cheese though." score 8.5/10 - Dale

"Awesome! Yummy! Little bit more cheese but great flavor. I really like spinach." score 9.5/10 - Abbie

"Very nice! Good amount of spinach. I like the amount of herb flavor in it - garlicky and nicely textured." score 8/10 - Brittany

"Love this one! Would like a little more cheese with spinach." score 8/10 - Niki

"I don't like cheesecake in real life, and I love this! This was the cheese I was looking for!" score 9/10 - Amy Lee

"Yum, really good but it should be called 'Danish' because it doesn't taste like cheesecake. Slightly more filling in each bit would make me smile more." score 7/10 - Maria

"I like that it doesn't just taste like sweet cheese. It has something undefinable, more like cheese truly but it's too reminiscent of just a sweet versin of the herb & cream cheese one." score 6/10 - Brittany

"Just like apple pie - love it." How about sugar dusting on top? Love the cinnamon smells!" score 8.5/10 - Kelly

"I don't taste apple. The filling texture is too 'gelatinous' and it needs more texture!" score 1/10 - Niki

"Nice. Tastes like an apple pop tart." score 9.8/10 - Dale

"Needs more filling. Put chocolate chunks in the filling to add texture. Maybe add icing too." score8/10 - Ted

"Really good! I love chocolate, yummy! Maybe could make one chocolate with frosting - kind of like a cinnamon roll topping." score 9/10 - Abbie

"Wow! Nice filling. Tastes like a brownie, just enough sweetness - perfect. I have no complaints for this one." score 10/10 - Kelly

"Very sweet. Would have liked stronger cinnamon." score 9/10 - Ted

" Yummy, but I want some cream cheese frosting involved. Overall tasty." score 8/10 - Maria

"Delicious! Very good representation of a cinnamon roll - gooey! (I'm a huge cinnamon fan so even though it's strong, it's good... would be even better to introduce something similar to frosting element inside." score 8/10 - Brittany

"Bland but good amount of filling so I still taste the pretzel. Not too sweet either, which is what I like." score 8/10 - Amy Lee

"Enough berry filling. Very good and would also be a good breakfast treat." score 9.6/10 - Dale

"Bland, needs a little more flavor in the filling." score 6/10 - Niki

The clear favorites of the night were...

Sweet - Chocolate Crumb!

Savory - Spinach & Herb!

You can have your own Pretzelpalooza with Kim & Scott's pretzels too. Check them out at your local grocery store's freezer section and get twisted with your own taste test!


  1. how fun! these look tasty :) i'm eyeing the cinnamon roll one.

  2. Those pretzels look yummy!

  3. If you think Kim & Scotts are tasty... you should try Gnarly Knots Pretzels! Now those are delicious! Forget about the boring cheese - how about a slow roasted pork and carmelized onion stuffed pretzel! Now that is something special!!!