September Tasty Tools!

My apologies for the delay in August's round up and September's announcement! I've been contemplating continuing the Tasty Tools blogging event since the past few months have been pretty slim with submissions... but much to my surprise, I got quite a few emails from folks who have been requesting it! So without any further delay, here's the [slim] round up of August's Tasty Tools entries highlighting cast iron skillets:

For September's Tasty Tools, we're highlighting stock pots and soup pots! With the summer drawing to a close and cooler weather coming in, perhaps soup and stock might be something you're planning on making this month. Whether you use your pots for soup, stock or for any recipe at all, submit it to the event along with a picture of your tasty tool!


1) Make a recipe using a a stock/soup pot and create a blog post about it from now (the date of this post) until midnight, September 30, 2009. Any previous blog posts you have where you've created a dish using a stock/soup pot (with pictures) are happily accepted.

2) Add a link back to my blog within your blog post, Joelen's Culinary Adventures (

3) Send an email with the following information to itsjoelen [at]
- September Tasty Tools in subject line
- Your first name
- Your food blog name & link to your event entry that includes pictures

You can participate even if you don't have a blog. Non-bloggers can email the above information (sans blog details) and I'll include it in the round up.

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