A whole lot of bakin' goin on!

Now that the weekend is winding down, I've finally gotten a chance to rest long enough to share what crazy baking adventures I had in my kitchen these past two days. Friends came over yesterday and today to join me in the kitchen, where we tackled some of the Bread Baker's Apprentice and Tuesdays With Dorie recipes, which I'll be featuring in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to read about our experiences in making these baked goods!

Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenges

Pane a l'Ancienne

Pane de Campagne

Pane Siciliano

Mini Pannetone

Tuesdays With Dorie Challenges

Allspice Crumb Muffins

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Cherry-Fudge Brownie Tarts

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  1. Wow, everything looks great! I want to try the pane siciliano.