Cookbook & Housewares Swap!

Many may be familiar with spring cleaning but I also do some cleaning and inventory during the fall months. Today I hosted a cookbook and housewares swap where I invited my friends over to bring any gently used cookbooks, food magazines and kitchen/houseware items they no longer want or need. Everyone got a chance to "shop" through the items brought in and there were some major scores!

I still had quite a bit of cookbooks, magazines and random housewares leftover after the swap but these aren't going to waste. I've donated the leftover items to our local Goodwill in hopes that the items will be useful for someone else. For my guests, I served up some small bites including...

Chili Beef Sliders

Chicken, Cheddar & Apple Sliders

Buffalo Blue Cheese Popcorn

Hot Mulled Apple Cider

Caramel Apples

Stay tuned for the above recipes this week!


  1. Great idea!

    I just wish more of my "real life" friends (that I actually see) were foodies!

  2. I know longer live in Illinois but would be more than willing to take any cookbooks off your hands the next time you 'houseclean'! :)