Sweet Potato Biscuits

This week's Tuesdays With Dorie baking challenge is Dorie's Sweet Potato Biscuits, chosen by Erin of Prudence Pennywise (who has the recipe within her blog). If you're looking for a different flavored biscuit from the traditional, give this a try!


I thought this recipe was extremely easy and a great alternative to the usual biscuit recipe. What I liked most was the gorgeous, festive color, which was perfect for this time of year. Our only issue with making this was having enough baking powder! The recipe is perfect however we were short on some baking powder. As a result, our biscuits didn't exactly rise as much as they should have. However, despite the lack of rise, they were still delicious especially right out of the oven. These would make for a great addition to any upcoming holiday table!

The recipe calls for a simple dough made with flour, baking powder (make sure you have enough!), salt, a pinch of ground cinnamon or freshly grated nutmeg, light brown sugar, unsalted butter and canned sweet potatoes. I'm sure you could probably make this recipe using baked sweet potatoes instead of canned... which I hope to try soon.

The ingredients are combined, kneaded into a dough and then rolled out before cutting into biscuits. These get baked up for 14-18 minutes to puff up. Dorie says that as they cool, the sweet potato flavor really comes out. I prefer them fresh out of the oven while still warm.... and these are delicious with a pat of butter and maple syrup!


  1. I love your site. Glad you liked the biscuits!

  2. Mine didn't rise either, but I agree that they were still delicious

  3. These biscuits look fabulous! Forget that they did not rise as much, as they shoud have-Still, they look delicious!

  4. Flat here, too. But yours look yummy!!

  5. It's hard to go wrong with anything sweet potato, even if they don't rise! I'll definitely have to check out this recipe - it would be perfect for breakfast/brunch when we have visitors for the holidays.

    BTW, I love your Chicago skyline banner. What a great city - I miss it!!