Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

So here we are with a new year ahead! I'm still playing catch up with some of the holiday posts I've been working on and hope to have those up soon. I never expected my pregnancy to be so anti-food, cooking and baking... but I'm determined to get back in the kitchen. Even with the past holiday, I was a bit bummed having to sit out and watch everyone else entertain and do fun things in the kitchen. However, it's all worth it since I know my baking project with the little bun in the oven will more than make up for it in a few months!

Last year for 2009, my motto for the year was 'Attitude of Gratitude.' I wanted to give back to my readers to thank them for their readership since they motivated and encouraged me to blog. As a result, I created my weekly Foodie Freebie Fridays where readers had a chance to win some fun cooking/baking/food related items. It was a lot of fun to share products that I personally liked and give them out to folks to enjoy. This year, my focus is food and family.

With a little one on the way in about 5 months (really? eek!), I'll be faced with some new culinary adventures including:
- preparing the freezer with meals to enjoy after our son is born
- preparing homemade baby food to encourage a little foodie
- healthy meals to promote post pregnancy weight loss
- entertaining and hosting parties with a little one in tow

Since I found out I was pregnant back in October, I've taken a back seat to my usual weekly entertaining and culinary events around the city. I'm considered a high risk pregnancy so I've been taking it easy... so much so that my kitchen has been pretty quiet. But now well into my second trimester, I'm feeling a little more at ease and my doctor has given be the okay to be a little more active. My appetite has come back and I'm starting to get motivated to cook more often. I know the past couple of weeks I've been slacking, but it wasn't on purpose and I'm planning on some kitchen therapy this week!

So this year will be a fun one with so many exciting things in store...
- I'll have a bigger kitchen to play in come March when we move into a single family home in the suburbs of Chicago;
- My husband and I will have new son, Joel Raymond, to welcome into the world and into our family at the end of May/beginning of June;
- ... and I hope to continue to focus more on my food blogging/photography and share some great recipes while I start a new chapter in my life. If you're interested in reading about my adventure into motherhood, you're welcome to check out our family/baby blog, Hanging Out in a Tan Tree.

Stay tuned for some new culinary adventures in store...