My First Baby Shower!

Today my kitchen was closed because someone else's kitchen was open! My friends Ruby, Teresa, Ann and Yumi were so kind to host my first baby shower. Even though it is a little early (since I'm about 22 weeks along), it worked out fine since our schedules in the coming months are going to be pretty hectic with our upcoming move and today was convenient for the hostesses.

Ruby & Kelly with last minutes touches in the kitchen:

I've been in a slight hibernation the past few months with some pregnancy challenges which kept me from being social and spending time with friends. However that all changed when I got to see many good friends who attended the shower. It came as no surprise that my friends came to celebrate with me and put out a great spread on the table! Check out the tasty eats they prepared...

Feta Cheeseball and Blue Cheese Cheeseball
prepared by Megan

Denver Crustless Mini Quiche
prepared by Jen

Salmon Dip with Pita Chips
prepared by Susan

Layered Taco Dip with Chips
prepared by Abbie

Savory Thai Appetizer Cups
prepared by Kelly

Caprese Mini Subs
prepared by Howard

Colorful Fried Rice
prepared by my mom

Filipino Beef Apritada
(Filipino tomato & soy sauce beef stew)
prepared by my mom

Cajun Fried Chicken
bought by my dad

Lemon Cupcakes, Yellow Cupcakes & Brownies
prepared by Ann, Yumi and Teresa

Congo Bars
prepared by yours truly
(I couldn't help going empty handed, even if the party was for me!)

Caught in the act taking pics of the spread:

It was a wonderful day spent with friends and family. I received such thoughtful and useful gifts, but more importantly, I had a chance to see and catch up with friends. I must admit it was quite awkward at first to be a guest and not in the kitchen since I'm usually hosting events... but it didn't take long to for me to sit back, rub my belly and enjoy the wonderful party they put together. Thank you to Ruby, Teresa, Ann and Yumi for hosting... and thank you to my awesome friends and family who were able to attend! To read up on how the rest of the party went, feel free to check out our family/baby blog!


  1. What wonderful friends to throw you such a great shower! It's a great way to kick off the celebrations of this exciting new time in your life. 8-)

  2. It all looks so wonderful. Congrats.

  3. Everything on the table looks so fantastic!!Congratulations to you Joelen!!!

  4. wow nice food What wonderful friends to throw you such a great shower! It's a great way to kick off the celebrations of this exciting new time in your life

  5. Oh boy - it must be starting to feel "really real" now! Congrats!

  6. congrats! everything looks great! any chance you have the recipe for the Savory Thai Appetizer Cups? they look amazing!

  7. Congrats to you! The spread looks divine. All the best for a smooth rest of your pregnancy.

  8. Joelen While I was able to see your face... the rest of you looks amazing! I am happy you had a wonderful time.

  9. Omg I haven't even had the chance to tell you CONGRATULATIONS yet! Looks like your baby shower spread was FABU. Makes me feel like my SIL got screwed with hers. HA! Don't blame me though. I was only in charge of dessert ;) Sorry if I missed the announcement but... boy or girl?

  10. What fun. It looks like it was a great shower.

  11. Looks like a great spread and a nice shower!

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