Bon Voyage Chicago... Our Third Baby Shower!

What a day! Today my brother hosted a special Baby Shower/Bon Voyage party for Louis and me so we had a chance to see our What's Cookin, Chicago friends once last time before we moved. It was a great turnout and I loved that we were able to spend some time catching up with everyone that attended.

My brother really out did himself because the day before, him and his friends (along with Louis) moved us out of our apartment and into the house in the suburbs. It was a tiring and long day for all of us, to say the least. And today, John set up the shower and really was a great host to our friends. For the shower, my brother initially wanted to do a big blow out luau but given how tiring the weekend was with our move, John had to rely on convenience. Here's what he served up for the party...

Mini Quiche:
Four Cheese & Broccoli Cheese

Cheese, Cracker & Sausage Platter

Mini Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Crab & Shrimp Dip with Crackers

Pinwheel Sandwiches

Fresh Fruit Platter


Cupcake Tower

Mixed Berry Punch

I loved how he encouraged friends to bring in a children's book to help build Joel's library... and we're looking forward to reading all the wonderful books we received as well as talking about the special people who gave the books as gifts.

On top of the children's books, John also encouraged folks to bring a package of diapers and/or diaper wipes for a raffle. Those that brought some in received $25 gift certificates to local restaurants around the city. It was a great way to help us prepare for all those upcoming diaper changings - lol!

We also received some wonderful gifts from our friends but even more than that, we really treasured the time we spent with each of them catching up. We're all looking forward to Joel's arrival and it means so much to have wonderful friends and family celebrate with us! I'm waiting for more pics that were taken, which I'll upload once received!


  1. What a great party and ideas for showers!! You guys are going to be amazing parents...can't wait to see little pinoy Joel! Time is ticking for ya!

  2. Awe very cool! Congrats! I through a baby shower for my SIL last year and asked for people to use books in the place of cards, and we also had a diaper raffle! They got a boat load of stuff!

  3. I love all the ideas, especially the books. Adorable!

  4. So glad to hear all went well with the move! I hope everything is well with you, Louis and Joel Raymond.