Pasta Party Dinner

I really enjoy Sundays, especially with family and friends. Now that we have a single family home, we thought it would be good to start doing some special Sunday dinners with friends and family. To kick our new tradition off, we had friends come over for a Pasta Party Dinner...

Tonight was a great night with friends where we got together over a pasta dinner. I prepared the meal while guests brought in drinks and dessert to share. As one would expect, we all fell into a food coma in front of the tv afterwards. Here's the menu we enjoyed for our Pasta Party Dinner... stay tuned for the recipes this week!

BLT Salad with Creamy Parmesan Dressing

Three Cheese Garlic Bread

Lasagne Bolognese with Ricotta Bechamel

Pasta Milano

Cookies & Cream Dessert Bars

Peach Bellini Iced Tea


  1. What a great roundup of dishes!! Congrats on your home. I know it feels great.

  2. The menu sounds delish and I must say your pictures are looking great lately!

  3. This sounds like a lovely dinner. Enjoyed looking at all the pictures as well. Thanks for recommending that I read your blog=)