Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meet the Newest Foodie of our Family...

You know how sometimes you bake something in the oven and are anxiously awaiting for it to be done... but then you get antsy and decide to check on it a few minutes before your timer goes off to find out it's ready? Well, the special little bun I had in the oven baking up since fall last year was scheduled to be ready as of June 8, 2010. However, this little sweet bun decided to come out of the oven a month early so I could enjoy him just in time for Mother's Day!

Our newest foodie family member, Joel, came fresh out of the oven on Saturday, May 8, 2010, at 2:19pm CST, weighing in at 4lbs 15oz and measuring 18.5 inches in length. Everyone in our new family of three is doing well and I'm anxious to get back into the kitchen soon. Until then, here's wishing everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day holiday weekend!