Peaches & Cream Tartlettes

This week's Project Pastry Queen baking challenge is Fredericksburg Peach Cream Cheese Tart, chosen by Tara of Smells Like Home (who has the recipe within her blog). Given that we're a small family of 3, having a full tart in the kitchen would not be a good thing. So instead of making a full tart, I made a few smaller ones instead, which I'll name "Peaches & Cream Tartlettes". Let me tell you how deliciously good these were and a perfect recipe to use up all those juicy peaches this season!...

These Peaches & Cream Tartlettes were fantastic! Take a sweet, buttery tart crust with a hint of lemon zest and add a creamy filling of cream cheese and mascarpone cheese flecked with vanilla. Top this tart with sweet juicy peaches sliced and fanned over the creamy filling, then dusted with cinnamon sugar. Bake and voila!... the result are these delicious Fredericksburg Peach Cream Cheese Tartlettes. It's hard not to love these, especially if you're enjoying the peak of peach season right now!

Thanks to Tara for selecting this week's PPQ baking challenge. Hopefully others who tried this recipe enjoyed it as much as we did. In fact, I plan on making it again for an upcoming party and incorporating peaches and mangoes in the tart! Please check out Tara's blog for the detailed recipe and be sure to take a peek at fellow PPQer's to see how their recipe came out!