Indian Favorites all this week!

It's been several months since I've hosted my usual culinary events for What's Cookin, Chicago due to my maternity hiatus. But now that I've gotten the hang of motherhood for the past three months, I'm ready to get back into the kitchen! This past weekend was quite a culinary adventure to say the least. I hosted two cooking classes with my group and had a delicious blast. One class I taught and hosted this past Saturday was on Indian Favorites, where folks got to learn how to make Indian cuisine more approachable at home. Everyone got hands-on in the kitchen while we cooked up quite a menu...

An intimidating cuisine to prepare is Indian cuisine. With such bold and exotic mixture of spices, the often long list of ingredients in recipes can seem daunting. But preparing Indian cuisine doesn't have to be tedious and scary... you can make wonderful Indian dishes with common everyday ingredients. Folks joined me in the kitchen as we tackled Indian cuisine and cooked up some favorite Indian dishes. Here's the menu we prepared, which I'll be featuring the recipes all this week so stay tuned!...

Mini Vegetable Samosas

Chicken Tikka Masala

Garlic Naan Bread

Curried Vegetables

Mango Lassi

Before we indulged in all the dishes we prepared, we had a great time in the kitchen. Here are some pics of us working away to prepare our Indian menu...

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