Latin Flair Dinner

My sister and her family are visiting from Virginia this week and of course, I'm putting out all the stops since I see them once a year, if that. They don't have too much variety when it comes to food where they live so I planned a whole week of theme dinners for all of us to enjoy. For their first night here, I prepared a Cuban/Latin themed dinner with some of our favorites...

Considering that my sister and her family drove nearly 15 hours from Virginia to Chicago, I knew they would be hungry the minute they walked through the door. My sister mentioned that she's never had Cuban food or much Latin cuisine aside from your typical Mexican American dishes. I was quite surprised when I started naming dishes and she didn't know what I was talking about! With that said, it was easy to come up with a menu offering her and her family some new dishes to experience. Here's what I prepared and be sure to check back this week for the recipes!

Platanos Maduros

Tres Leches Cake

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  1. This meal looks fabulous. i can't wait to try the arroz con pollo