Mango Lassi

If there's a drink you should order at an Indian restaurant, it's a lassi! What's a lassi? Simply put, it's a shake usually made with yogurt and fruit. Some are made with a blend of spices or even vegetables. One reason why I recommend ordering a lassi is not only is it delicious, but it helps tame those spicy and hot Indian dishes too. For the Indian cooking class I taught recently, I showed folks how to prepare a Mango Lassi, the most common and highly popular flavor at Indian restaurants...

This is a super simply recipe that you can enjoy with or without Indian food. A straightforward combination of fresh mango, yogurt, honey and a splash of milk are blended together. I also added some mango pulp for an extra boost of flavor and color. Mango pulp can be found at various ethnic markets in the frozen section or even canned. If you can't find mango pulp, you can substitute the milk for mango juice or add an extra mango for additional flavor.

Mango Lassi
recipe from RasaMalaysia

2 ripe mangoes
2-3 tablespoons honey or to taste
1/2 cup mango pulp puree
1 cup yogurt
splash of milk

Peel the mango skin, discard seed and cut the mangoes into small pieces. Combine all the ingredients in an electronic mixer or blender and blend well. Make sure the mangoes are completely blended into juice.
Adjust the ingredients as per your taste, pour into glasses, and serve immediately.

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  1. How simple! My boyfriend keeps buying an abundance of mangoes and now I have the perfect way to use some!! Thanks :)