Cupcakes & Cocktails: Guilty Pleasurez

Not too long ago, I hosted a Cupcake Bootcamp. It was a great time with friends and cupcakes, naturally! One of my friends that came was Tracey, who actually just started up her cupcake company called Guilty Pleasurez. She specializes in cupcakes flavored after her favorite cocktails. I recently had the opportunity to taste some of her amazing creations and here's my review...

Tracey's cupcakes definitely are amazing. I love her concept of cupcakes and cocktails, which are perfect for parties or just to indulge in a sweet treat. I had 7 cupcakes to taste test and each were all beautifully decorated, deliciously flavored and all very different...

Strawberry Margarita
This cupcake involves a strawberry cake filled with a strawberry margarita filling and topped with a strawberry margarita buttercream icing. I found the flavor to be very good with a dominant strawberry flavor and a subtle lingering taste of liquor afterward. 

This cupcake involves chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips filled with a Courvoisier cream filling and topped with Courvoisier buttercream icing. This cupcake was very strong in flavor so if you like cognac, this one's for you!

Fuzzy Navel
This cupcake involves vanilla cake filled with Peach Schnapps and Orange Patron liquor cream filling then topped with Peach Schnapps, Orange Patron and splash of vodka buttercream icing. It was light, refreshing and fruity with a nice flavor of peach and orange!

This cupcake involves Madagascar vanilla cake filled with a Disaronno Amaretto cream filling and topped with a Disaronno Amaretto buttercream icing. This cupcake was probably the most subtle in flavor. The amaretto was just enough for a hint but the cake was especially moist.

Hypnotize Me
This cupcake involves vanilla cake filled with a Hypnotic cream filling then topped with a Hypnotic buttercream icing. I loved the pretty hue of blue and the flavor was right on. It was perfect - not to strong, not to subtle.

Apple Martini
This cupcake involves apple spice cake filled with apple martini filling and topped with a apple martini buttercream icing. I liked this cupcake for its filling and buttercream. It was a moist cake too and had a nice subtle hint of apple throughout.

French Martini
This cupcake involves vanilla cake filled with raspberry schnapps, vodka and pineapple juice in a cream filling then topped with raspberry, vodka and splash of pineapple juice in a buttercream icing. This was absolutely my favorite of the bunch! It had a nice fruity flavor without too strong of a liquor aftertaste. Yum!

All of these cupcakes can be made to order and also delivered within the Chicagoland area. Tracey can even create custom cocktail cupcakes for you too. Check out her site, Guilty Pleasurez for more information on other flavors - both with and without alcohol!


  1. So excited for Tracey!!! These cupcakes are delicious and a perfect way to enjoy your cake & eat it too!!! Yummers!

  2. holy lord..i love cocktail type cupcakes..i have a few in my blog and they are definitely my fave.i will have to give this cookbook a try!! great post!!

  3. dang it for some odd reason i though this was a link to a cookbook...darn i am too far to visit this heavenly place...definitely on my place to visit before i die....LOL she needs a cookbook!

  4. Cupcakes taken to a whole new level of decadent!

  5. I purchased a Livingsocial coupon for these cupcakes. I opted for the virgin ones as I have 2 underage boys and this was for my husbands birthday. I was out of the delivery area and so I knew I would need to pick them up. Not a problem. Wonderful woman to talk with at the pick up point and these cupcakes were well worth the wait. They were beautiful and I hated to even eat them. I took several pictures of them to show my friends and family on Facebook. They were so delicious that I know I will be a repeat customer. Thank you Tracy for these cupcakes from Heaven. You do an outstanding job.

  6. Don't ever eat or order these terrible cupcakes. Several people at our event all got sick after eating these diasters of cupcakes. The owner/baker should be reported to the health department.