10 Slow Cooker Recipes for Stress Free Meals

Thanksgiving is over and after all the effort put into the dishes made, I'm sure many of us can use some easy, stress free meals. In fact, if you have a slow cooker (aka Crockpot) that you want to get more use out of, I have some recipes to share! Unlike many crockpot recipes, I'm not a fan of cream soups so you won't find recipes calling for them below. Here are 10 Crockpot Recipes for Stress Free Meals to give you more time to relax and prepare for the upcoming holidays...

This is one of my all time favorite short rib recipes...
and its so flavorful and falls right off the bone tender.

Pork Barbacoa

An interesting dish involving... a can of Coke?
Believe me, it's the secret ingredient for this dish!

Best Ever Beef Dip Sandwiches

Ridiculously easy, this recipe transforms a beef chuck roast
into a flavorful, tender dish which gets better as it cooks!

Spaghetti and meatballs is never too much effort to make
when you make it in your crockpot!
Four ingredients is all you need for this super simple recipe...

Get a taste of some ethnic flavor with this dish and serve it up
with couscous for a super quick side dish.

Roman Style Chicken
Chicken, bell peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, wine and fresh herbs make up this dish.
It's full of flavor and easy to prepare in advance!

Slow Cooked German Short Ribs
These short ribs are slightly sweet, slightly sour and every bit tasty...

Maple & Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin
The combination of maple syrup and brown sugar in this dish
makes for a sweet, yet savory flavor that works wonderfully with pork.
Forget bottled BBQ sauce, this recipe makes it from scratch
and it's well worth the effort in this sandwich!


  1. My friend just sent this to me; how does this post not have any comments? I can't wait to try every one of these crock pot recipes. Thank you for making me crave...everything at 9 AM!

  2. The Moroccan Chicken sounds awesome!!

  3. I dont get it... I cant find the recipes.

  4. Anonymous - please click on the title of the dish to view the recipes. Thanks!

  5. Was looking for some more crockpot recipes!! Going to try most of them

  6. Thank you, I am always in search of a variety of yummy crockpot recipes to prepare in advance, they're truly a life saver for working mums and dads!

  7. Getting ready to have a baby. I'm stockpiling crockpot recipes for when I'm exhausted. Those sound great!

  8. awesome recipes... thanks for sharing.. I've tried the Maple & Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin and it was really good. visit and for more interesting recipes..

  9. I need to start doing this again and put some of this in the freezer. These recipes look yummi!

  10. I should start doing this again. These Recipes Look fabulous. Thanks for all this hard work. These would be great to pass on to my daughters as well.