Thanksgiving 2010 Recap

It's now a few days after Thanksgiving - did you have a great holiday celebrating? What did you feast on? This year for Thanksgiving we didn't host as we usually do, so it was a great chance to relax and spend more time with family and friends. We had a full day of celebrating with a luncheon and dinner, which highlighted both traditional and non-traditional Thanksgiving eats. Read on to get a glimpse of what we celebrated with...

For Thanksgiving lunch, we spent it with our friends, Angela and Dan. They hosted a wonderful spread of traditional Thanksgiving eats which we were excited about. Joining us was their friend Megan, visiting from Belgium. It was a collaborative lunch where Angela and Dan prepared most of the dishes and I contributed a few things too...

Warm Garlicky Spinach Artichoke Dip
a personal fave of mine I brought

Dan's Brined Turkey

Herbed Turkey Gravy
which I made using the turkey drippings

Cranberry Orange Sauce
another personal favorite recipe of mine

Dan's Mashed Potatoes
another dish I brought to share

Angela's Balsamic Squash with Blue Cheese

We were so so stuffed after lunch that we didn't have the energy or room to make it to dessert! All in all, our lunch with Angela and Dan was perfect - great friends, good food and happy, relaxing times. Even Joel and Charlotte had fun!

So after a fabulous lunch, we headed to our next feast for Thanksgiving dinner with family friends. Our family friends, Tita Sonia and Tito Ariel, hosted a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a Filipino touch. For Filipinos, we tend to celebrate with common Filipino dishes for Thanksgiving or whatever folks want to bring to share. The turkey is still a part of the table but more as an obligatory dish.  We had a few traditional dishes such as mashed potatoes, more of my Cranberry Orange Sauce, my Vegetable & Herb Dressing and gravy which I also made with the turkey drippings. Here's some of the random, non-traditional dishes we enjoyed along with some desserts...

Tita Sonia's Roast Turkey
her very first one, which I helped carve

Broiled Tipalia

Steamed & Seasoned Crab

Pancit (Filipino Stir Fried Noodles)

Zucchini Bundt Cake

Cranberry Apple Crisp a la mode
which I also brought to share

With so much good food and great company, I wouldn't want to celebrate Thanksgiving any other way. I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your Thanksgiving this year... and now I can't wait until next year!


  1. Looks delicious!! We had seafood for thanksgiving and I loved how it didn't make me feel so "stuffed". Glad you had a good holiday! xoxox

  2. hi joelen - what an awesome thanksgiving day spread! happy belated to you and your family! i also made cranberry orange sauce! :)