10 Healthy Meal Makeovers for the New Year

It's soon to be a new year... any resolutions or goals set for 2011? We've all heard the popular resolutions of managing our weight better or making healthier food choices. In fact, I've made those goals far too often over the years. So if you're looking to make some baby steps {again}, here are 10 Healthy Meal Makeovers for the New Year...

Most frittata recipes are full of heavy cream, butter and/or cheese. You can still enjoy a lot of flavor without all those extra calories. This one allows colorful vegetables to take center stage with fresh flavor too!

Salmon is a great fish for a healthy diet. However, some glazed salmon recipes are loaded with sugar and salt. This recipe uses a little honey and minimal salt but still has a nice subtly sweet glaze.

Skip the urge to go through a drive through for a breakfast sandwich. Give this colorful and healthy alternative a try and save some money by making it at home.

Cornbread is often made with a ton of butter but this recipe has no butter involved and is very low in fat and calories!
Chicken pot pie is a comforting dish with cream and butter involved. With this recipe, you won't even notice that neither of those ingredients are even used!

Traditional eggplant parmesan recipes involve breading and frying slices of eggplant. Not this one! You still get all the flavor without having to fry even a single eggplant slice...

Pizza is easy to load up with indulgent ingredients. By making a few healthier adaptations, you can still enjoy pizza without all the extra fat...
Quesadillas often involve lots of melted cheese in between 2 tortillas. In this recipe, you get a nice blend of healthier ingredients full of flavor that's more interesting that plain cheese.
Mac & cheese is transformed into a healthier dish by sneaking in some vegetables. Your family won't even notice they're eating something healthier!
Achieve that smooth and creamy texture of tomato soup without the addition of cream! You just might be surprised to find out what makes this soup so creamy...

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