Monday, December 27, 2010

4 Fondue Recipes for Dunking...

If you're looking for a fun way to gather friends for New Years Eve with minimal effort in the kitchen, have a fondue party! You can prep all the dippers in advance, even whip up some of these fondue recipes ahead of time and before guests arrive, keep them warm in a mini crockpot or fondue pot. To help you out, here are 4 Fondue Recipes for Dunking the night away...

Garlic Cheese Fondue
This is a classic fondue (sadly, without a pic) but it was a hit at our party!

Emmentaler & Gruyere Cheese Fondue

We enjoyed this one year for Christmas Eve...

German Cheese Fondue

Here's one that involves beer, so it definitely was a keeper!

Chocolate Fondue
The ultimate sweet fondue, chocolate is great to dip any sweets in!